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    Apoorv82 Adventurer

      How can blogging can be useful to earn money?

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          NYDS Wayfarer

          You can blog about any subject but better to pick something you like because it will take long hours and months by months work to came somewhere... You can use blogger or wordpress platform for blogging, always try to take your own photos, images always very important. And use Google AdSense for making money.

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            This is really great topic. I'm looking forward to reading all the helpful suggestions you receive .


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              BMPhoto Scout

              Are you more commercial or fine art? Are you looking to sell to the masses or just showcase your talent? As a photographer, I blog to show clents current work, any specials I'm running and to keep clients interested. If you have it set up so people can subscribe to you then they have a great way of staying updated on your work. I have a friend that works in fabrics and she'll post about works that are in progress and then to show the final piece. It gets people involved in your work. Hope that helped!