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    The Most Important Marketing Tip Ever !!!!

    Warren Ronnie Batiste Adventurer

      You have to add a blog page or tab to your site. It doesn't matter what your are selling.. just do it. Why ???? As long as you have a blog the potential to add a another major income to your portfolio is huge. With a blog page.. you can bring visitors in from all over the globe even when your product isn't selling as much as you want it to. Trust me when I say this. Im a Global marketing expert with a blog in it's early stages. My blog Urbzone has 3000 visitors from 89 countries. With only 61 clicks on my advertising.. My site ( still in it's early stages ) has made over $23.00 and I haven't started marketing it yet. This is the reason you have to add a blog page to your E-commerce site.  Look at it this way.. you're selling flowers and your business isn't doing so great but you still have to pay bills. With the blog tab you have set up, you can pay for content that will get you a lot more traffic than your business alone. The money you make from your blog page can be used for a continuos marketing campaign for your flower business.


      If you really want to see what i'm talking about.. just go to my blog Urbzone and click on the map under my some what handsome face. Then you will see the potential.