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    Custom Window treatment Business

    NSWD Wayfarer

      I have started a new business and  in need of some creative marketing ideas from you pro's.


      The business is Custom Window Treatments.


      We do free Shop at home free measure and installs


      Any ideas on how to get the phone to ring???

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          Craig Parker Tracker

          A website with shots of what you've done would be good.  Getting on decorating message boards and being helpful also works.  Just make sure that you are genuinely helpful on said message boards, or you'll get booted for trying to promote yourself. 


          The Garden Web is a very busy board I went on when I was selling cabinets online.  I was in the kitchen section, but there's a few here: that might be up your alley.  My first online kitchen sale (for 12k -- that's big where I work) was from someone who saw a posting of mine on that board.  Have a site before you do it though , people will want to look before they contact you.


          I'm sure there's piles more you should be doing, but that's what strikes me immediately off the top of my head.

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              Have you considered asking a friend or acquaintance if they would agree to let you do your magic on some of their windows and then hosting an Open House to show what you can do for windows?  I'm suggesting someone else's home so you would be free to circulate and answer questions.  Take lots of pictures when the windows are finished so you can create a brochure if you don't have one already.


              Those who attend the Open House and place an order for your services at that time would be given a discount.  Those who refer a friend to you would also be given some discount, too.


              You could work out some sort of arrangement for your friend should they decide they would like to keep any of the window treatments at their home.


              Good luck on your new business.  So often getting a new business up and running takes a lot of work but if you are passionate about your business, it is a labor of love.



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                NSWD Wayfarer

                Thanks Craig. Good luck with your venture also. I will look into this Monday.