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    I just started my cleaning business

    mjocivil Wayfarer

      I just opened my own cleaning business a week ago and now I need custormers to hire me to clean their home.  The marketing that I've done so far are hanging door flyers, I've joined every social website to get my name out there and also I've created my own wesbsite. I feel like I'm out of marketing ideas. I need some help about how I can get people to hire me to clean their home. Any help is very appreciated!


      Thank you in advance,Marie J

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Marie


          I have always find that flyers are a waste of money and time.


          Where are you located??



          A little advertising (and I mean LITTLE) in your local newspaper with coupons. Give something away FREE


          Pick a charity and support it. Again tell your local newspaper and they might write a story about you,

          your business and the related charity - - - FREE ADVERTISING


          Finally, get posters and place them on lawns of satisfied customers.


          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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            Moderator Cath Guide

            Agreeing with the previous folks who posted.  Often to get a new business off the ground and moving, it has to do some visible community work.  By that I mean, good %-off coupons, offering your services at no charge or low-cost to a business, church, or agency for a one-time or short-term cleaning.


            Although these will not give you the money you would like,it will generate quite a bit of good will and that good will might turn into business for you.  Word of mouth of a good cleaning service will generate the type of business you are searching for.


            Offer potential clients a discount if they will sign a contract for extended services, i.e. 6 months or a year.  And a one time discount could be offered to anyone who refers a new client to you.


            Baseball time for children and teens is another way to get the word out about your company.  Sponsor a team in one of the leagues in your town.

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              ewconline Adventurer

              If you already joined all Social media, give away your speical offer all over them. Use your local bill board to place your ads.

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                MommyTribe Adventurer

                Hi Maria,


                I know this is a bit of a out of the box thought, but have you thought about holding a small seminar about Home Cleaning?

                Talking about do's and don'ts of cleaning? Maybe tricks about cleaning?  You can host it locally at a community center(super cheap to rent).

                This way, you'll build creditability also get tons of 'leads' to follow up on.  Remember,once you become the authority in this field they'll remember you next time you send a flyer or do any kind of adverstisment... Just a thought. =)



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                  Xmajor Adventurer

                  Disagree slightly with another poster with regard to leaflet drops being a waste of time but do agree with one or two others bringing coupons into the equation. First of all unlike lineage ads in newspapers where you're up against established competitors, when you deliver your leaflet through that letterbox there are no distractions on it.  You have the audience to yourself PROVIDING you ensure your material catches their attention. Usually you would have 2 - 3 seconds before whoever the reader is decides whether to keep or shove it in the bin.


                  Therefore your headline has to be really, really good and appealing. CAN WE CLEAN YOUR WHOLE HOUSE FOR FREE? That will make them take a closer look, followed by Yes, we can we're a brand new cleaning company etc intending to make a big impression scan this code (your qr code) or login to our Facebook page at The idea is get them to join/like your fb page where you have a competition (which they enter after the like). Their action of liking your page is published to their newsfeed which then gets seen by a percentage of their friends and so your competition starts to go viral. All of a sudden people are talking about your crazy offer and business.


                  If you have the money to spare you can compound your efforts by running a ppc campaign on the FB ad platform for which you can target exact demographics. With regard to the competition winner just pick one from the list or go out and find out which one has the smallest house!

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                    macspider Adventurer

                    Also, you may want to try Angieslist.

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                      Tran Nguyen Tracker

                      I agree with the advertising with specials and coupons all over the social media.


                      While I'm not as active in social media (beyond blogs, forums, and facebook), the ones that I have played with has paid back in kind. For me, when I started my accounting firm, I paired the idea of stressful tax time with something enjoyable.


                      The offer I came up with (after striking a deal with my neighbors at my tax office) is as followed: New Clients & Referrals Receive their choice of: Full Manicure/Pedicure or a 1 hour Free Massage while your taxes are being prepared.


                      Before that, when I was located in a fancier part of town, I use to offer Cigars and would use my office as a cigar event location (until the smoking banned kicked in). Overall, it paid off immensely. People would attend the event and in turn, know that it was an accounting office. Now, people can relax while their taxes are being done and if I have to break bad news to anybody, I give them an extra long massage.


                      Overall, specials/coupons/and discounts work!

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                        Moderator Berta Guide

                        Lots of great ideas here for promoting your business mjocivil. How's your progress? Have you used any of the suggestions here? Please keep us updated.