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    New business seeking financing.

    bkmgtllc Newbie
      I am looking for "Start-up Funding" either in the form of Lenders, Loans, Angels or private. The following is a basic out line of my business. Thank you in advance.


      BK Management,LLCorporation owns and manages four different companies. They are KB RealEstate Investment and Development Co.,LLC, Bright Future Financial Co., LLC, B's Lawn and Ground Management Co., LLC and Clear Water Sales Delivery ad Services Co., LLC. KB Real Estate buys,sells and leases alltypes of rea; estate property. From raw land to residential, (Bankrupses, Foreclosures, Distresed, REO, FSBO), Commerical and finially industral. Bright Future Financial Co., LLC offers in-house financing on all real estate that KB Real Estate owns.Furthermore, we are also affiliated with Smart Lending Solutions who are a mortgage brokerage house. B's Lawn and Ground Management o., LL is a full four season landscaping company that can handle anyting from new construction to comlete renovation to complete yard maintiance. We also do water features, patios, walls and fences, curbing and curbing stone and etc. Clear Water Sales, Deliver and Services Co., LLC offers to our customers the chance to have clean healthy water running throughout their home. All of these companies can either work independently of each other or can be combined in to any combination that our customers are in need of.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome to this web site. Sounds interesting.
          This is the place for "Start-up Funding"
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              bkmgtllc Newbie
              Hello Luckiest

              First off I would like to thank you for your quick response to my post and for the words of encouragement. However, after reading some of the many posts that you have placed I would appreciate the oppertunity to speak with you on this matter. My business plan is about half ready but, if you wish i would not mind sending it to you for your review and feed back as to what I might do to make it extremely inviting to investors such as yourself and other lenders. You can either reach me here or you can send your responce to me at,

              At this time I would again like to thank you for your quick responce and look forward to your reply.
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              finmodelnet Newbie
              Hi bkmgtllc,


              I would like the opportunity to help you
              along with the business model and financial model for your business landscaping
              business. At we have a lot of experience helping small
              businesses like yours put together the financial projections that investors are
              looking for. I think one of the key things that your financial projections
              will need to highlight the financial drivers for each of the four business that
              you are describing. Each has its own fundamentals and investors will want to
              see them broken out separately. Please check out our past <a href="
              gt;financial model
              client list</a> and let me know if you would like a free phone consultation
              on how we can help.