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    Starting a used car dealership

    Joseph Wayfarer

      My name is Joseph, and i have owned a very successful Rebuildable/ Salvage car dealerhip for over 15 years. Recently i have drawn interested to stepping into the business of selling Clean title ready to go used cars, and i find it to be somewhat different than what i am used to.


      My source in obtaining my inventory is through Insurance companies that sell me there salvage vehicle, and my question is as follows:


      If i wanted to invest a large sum of money into now starting a used car dealership, how would i go about obtaining my inventory?


      I currently own my own car lot and have all the necessary licenses to run the business, and my only conern would be obtaining good deals on cars so i can make quick turn arounds and a decent profit.


      I am aware of used car auctions, but dont necessarily have the time to travel to these auction sites and purchase vehicles one by one. My objective would be to possibly buy cars in bulk so that i can get them at good deals.


      Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you