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    Traffic from a free contest

    Warren Ronnie Batiste Adventurer

      Web managers listen up !!! If your site is struggling to get traffic.. here's your cure. Launch a free contest and give away prizes once a month to your visitors. Everybody want something free. You benefit..they benefit.. and you get tons of pageviews from visitors who sign up.. which makes you money from advertising. The process is pretty simple. You buy a cheap product, like a mp3 player, use it as your prize and get people to sign up or like your facebook page. After the visitor sign up.. he or she will comment on something you post on your site. At the end of the month.. who ever has the best comment wins the prize. This will bring in lots of new visitors to your site. Read more business tips on my blog Urbzone

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          More Traffic


          Have you ever come up with a brilliant idea, concept or brand ... and then realized it wouldn't work?


          Usually the moment of truth arrives when it's time to write the copy for a sales letter or web page.


          One of the biggest culprits is branding. Often a client will say, " I've done the branding so your job will be easy!"

          As we say  "Yeah, right."


          Often a branding concept dissolves when we try to write copy.

          I've made the same mistake with my own websites and programs.

          Now I've learned to write the copy sooner rather than later.


          Hope this helps bring in more traffic