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    Undercover Boss

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Having watched the tv show, Undercover Boss, I'm curious to know how you feel about this?  How would your employees feel about you arriving in disguise, to see first hand, what is going on in the daily operations of your business(es)?  I can see the value of this experience for you but just wonder if your employees would feel as if you didn't trust them.


      I have talked with acquaintances who are Mystery Shoppers and suppose their mystery shopping is similar to the owner being an undercover boss.  Similar but not quite the same.  The undercover boss supposedly works in various areas/departments of his business to see how the employees are working and if they are encountering problems in their work that can be improved.  He can see by working side-by-side which employees are there and feeling as if they are part of the team and working towards a common goal and which employees are there for the paycheck.  Then the boss goes back to the corporate offices to share the experience and see what can be done to move forward.


      Would you do this?  Why -- or why not?



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          GMFS Adventurer

          Well if I saw a camera crew following somebody around while they work then I guess my suspicion would rise. I would be very guarded and wouldn't be able to act like I normally would.

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            We're all been there: that not so stellar feeling of hitting a major


            It's not a one-time thing. No "one and done."

            No matter how long we've been in business (or settled in a career

            or any other long term activity), we rarely experience smooth sailing.

            In fact, that's one test of a significant goal: if you never hit

            any obstacles, you haven't aimed high


            What do you do when you hit a roadblock?

            Well, I've done both these things:


            1) take a day off and hope it will go away


            2) decide to walk a new path (metaphorically) (until the new roadblock appears on the new



            But over time I've learned a better way (and of course I'm still learning):


            3) Bust through the roadblocks with confidence and a road-block-bust-through system.