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    Upgrading Your Software: When is it Time?

    Moderator Jim Ranger

      What sort of upgrade cycle does your company use when there are new software releases? Are you the first to upgrade, or do you wait until the software's been proven?


      Would love to hear from you!



        • Re: Upgrading Your Software: When is it Time?
          Craig Parker Tracker

          Most of the software here is either provided by vendors, or is open source.  Windows workstations are still XP (until they become Linux if I'm still here when XP get EOL)  With run of the mill apps (sumatra pdf, tbird, firefox, Libreoffice) we just get new ones as they come out since they've been prety well tested so far.


          One of the Linux workstations though... I upgraded from Xubuntu Lucid box to Xubuntu Precise.  I'm glad I only did one.  While the actual OS seems to have been tested well (I threw it on a box at home back in I think December) before the official April release date, the upgrade process apparently hadn't been.  To quote the Swedish Chef... Bork! Bork! Bork! 


          It's all good now, and I'll leave the other Lucid box alone for a bit.