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    New Business

    teresita669 Newbie

      I used to have a Flower Shop that i just recently sold.

      I now have a home  based flower sales & service and I need to be

      able to accept credit cards so I can accept orders from my old

      customers without having to use a credit card machine.

      I have a sellers permit, business license and small business

      bank account fr. B of A. Is there a good company out there

      that can help me with this?



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome, Check with amspcs, a long time member

          Barry is the best


          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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            BMPhoto Scout

            Bank of America has a couple of different POS systems that are portable if that's what you're looking for. I use Square. It attaches to my Iphone and I'm able to take payments in person and over the phone. And the money is deposited in my account the next day. If you don't have a smart phone I'm pretty sure you can also put in the payment info online, but I've never tried so I'm not sure. There's also paypal. You can invoice people and collect payment pretty quickly. BUT your customers has to have a paypal account. I've heard a rumor that they're also coming out with a system kind of like Square that you'll be able to use with your phone. Hope that helped!

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              Wesmaster Adventurer

              Look into Square and other competitors that let you take payments on your smart phone. Even PayPal will allow you to enter credit cards (they call it "virtual terminal") without having to set up a merchant account.

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                Moderator Berta Guide

                Hi Teresita669,


                Have you figured out how to take payments online yet? Please keep us update.



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                  YesYouCan Scout

                  If you do not already have a website to market your flowers and promote your services, you might want to consider a full ecommerce site package.  Some are fairly inexpensive and offer all that you would need - website - email marketing - ability to take payment - etc.  Google "ecommerce website" for listing of what is available.


                  If you are staying local, a listing on Google Local and B of A's Square that BMPhoto mentioned is a pretty good choice, although I'd still suggest a website (use your old business name as the domain name if available).

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                    D2x2993 Adventurer

                    You can also set up a Paypal account.  It will allow your customers to use their credit card but it goes through the Paypal account for a small fee.