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    How do you reward your employees?

    Moderator Ilona Ranger

      Ever think of how to reward your employees for a job well done, how to show them that you appreciate their performance?


      Or did you ever think about what kind of rewards would entice talented employees to choose to work for you?


      Here is a great article by Steve Strauss answering those questions for you.


      5 Ways to Reward Great Performance


      Feel free to discuss this article right here or add your own tips.



        • Re: How do you reward your employees?
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Here is a scenario to reward your employees.

          You give your employees a special Gift that you've purchased

          ( for an UNDISCLOSED amount of money,

          that's right no dollar amount marked on the gift card, it's genius I know)  and


          Reaction #1 : They receive the gift, thank you and think kindly of you.

          Reaction #2 : They redeem the gift, there is joy and they think kindly of you.

          Reaction #3 : They receive the gift via ups or usps, and they think greatly of you.