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    It's all relative


      My question today is simple. For those of you that work with family: 


      How do you work with relatives without driving each other crazy?




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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Joleen, The opportunity to own and operate a family business is a dream and also a reality.


          One one hand, it can create ties that bind the family together and build a legacy (like the Ford Corp)


          On the other hand, it can also lead to stress and estrangement.


          The key for a family business is to look beyond the appeal and decide if family involvement is best.


          Looking forward to other answers, LUCKIEST

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            Don Barrick Wayfarer

            My personal belief is that working together exaggerates the relationship - good or bad - that you already have.  My ex-wife (when we were married) worked for me for about two weeks, and ended the time by referring to me as "Adolf".  My son worked with me for several years in an extremely tense work environment, and our relationship was never stronger.


            Examine your current relationship, your collective values and objectives, and that will tell you more than anything else.