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    It's SO "out of the box"....How do I market it?

    Bean Bag Theate Adventurer

      We offer a backyard theater rental that allows family and friends to enjoy movies, video games, sporting events, etc. all in the comfort of their own backyard. Our standard set up comes with a giant screen, projector, sound, blu-ray player, and giant bean bags!


      The problem is that people aren't even aware of this concept and thus don't look for it....Ive tried facebook, pinterest, google adwords, and vistaprint so far. 


      What would be the most effective and cost efficient method of advertising?


      I believe my target group is kids birthday parties.....How would I capture the average family that would be interested in renting this theater concept for their party?


      Any help and/or ideas would be greatly welcomed and appreciated!




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          dannowhite Scout

          Hi Jeff,


          Have you looked on the internet for keywords to see if anyone is searching for your service?  I would think you should look into having affiliate partners or referral programs.  Maybe you could investigate how party rental companies advertise and see if something similar might work for you?  You could also find data on kids bday's in your area and send a flyer to their homes right before their bdays?  Just some thoughts

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            crosstime Adventurer

            This sounds like a great idea.  You could start be advertising in any publication that caters to kids.  I just picked up a local publication that listed all the day camps and sleep away camps in the areas.  You might start be contacting some of them.  I bet the counselors would love to sit out under the stars with their campers for a re-run of "Goonies"!  Good Luck!

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              Jeff, do you have school-age children?  I would think that if so, you could go to their school and speak to the principal and ask if you could give out coupons with %-off coupons and ask the school if they would consider offering them to interested parents.


              Join your child's PTA/PTO if you haven't already and see if you can work through them with your parties.


              Have a big backyard party in your own yard and invite the neighborhood and let them know it is ok with you if they invite their friends.


              In my opinion one of the best and definitely cheapest advertising methods is word of mouth from happy customers.  Good luck in your endeavors.



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                Great conversation !

                I know I've heard of this concept, Jeff , because our public library  shows movies in the summer , outside.

                It's a great thing for large groups and I can see it working for company picnics as well.

                Good luck! Keep us informed on things!



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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  Now is a good time of the year to work real hard to get the word out about your business.  I would concentrate my time in letting people know what you can offer them.


                  I, too, have heard of libraries hosting movies outside in the summer months.  Why don't you try that avenue - go to your local library and pitch your idea to them, and see if they seem interested.  You could offer them your services at no cost for the summer, if they would allow you to have your brochures handy for those who might be interested in knowing more about you.


                  Family night at the movies in your neighborhood......bring your lawn chair, if a bean bag chair doesn't work for supply movie and popcorn.  These free evenings will definitely bring goodwill but could be the beginning of something big.


                  Often a new business has to offer some free services to get them started.  But people remember this.



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                    koln123 Tracker

                    Once nice fit may be reciprocal advertising.  


                    As an example, you offer to advertise Jumpee

                    and camp company's products to your customers, if they will offer your specialty

                    niche to their customers.     Maybe approach these types of businesses in your area.

                    Go to them and offer a two way advertising.   You leave some business cards and

                    a flyer or brochure. 


                    Once there is a bit of trust and a referral or two, then both of you may want to put each others services

                    under "partner" or "local business friends" in a spot on the site.   It is not direct competition to

                    your partners.    Customers will find additional services that offer value.   Your niche

                    would remain the focus, but some complimentary services are offered by trustworthy



                    Good Luck


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                      vnavguys Tracker

                      I would not bother advertising it online via Google PPC, I would instead use Facebook Ads.  Do you know that you can drill down to actually finding people in your hometown or existing home towns that like outdoor events or watching movies?  This is a fantastic way to target your audience and spend your money wisely.  I would keep your site as a credibility factor, which is great and point your ads to that site.  Word of mouth and local advertising will help you get by and build customers, the FB ad is for long term growth.


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                        UncleLeon Scout

                        You may also want to consider Saturday morning "Kiddie TV" ads.  Your local cable provider will offer "local" advertising packages at an extremely reasonable rate.


                        Give 'em a call.

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                          mjin2012 Wayfarer

                          In addition to kids local TV as uncleleon suggested I would try Groupon and Livingsocial.

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                            BMPhoto Scout

                            I agree about Groupon and LivingSocial. I know it's early in the year but go ahead and start thinking about tailgate parties too. This would be fantastic to get a large group of friends together, grill, party and watch the game. This is something that could go wayyyyy beyond kid's birthday parties. Also, get some contacts with event/wedding planners. Talk to the local schools about setting up at graduation with a slideshow of the seniors throughout the years. Local colleges have fairs and open house days during the summer for new students. Check out any local fairs and festivals coming your way and see how you can be entertainment. Partner up with a local family friendly organization like Boys and Girls club and host a free movie night. Have a raffle for a free rental and donate all of the proceeds.

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                                Moderator Cath Guide

                                Jeff, how's it going with your business?  I hope you have picked up some good ideas here.  It is amazing to read all the suggestions you have received.  When we all put our heads together, it is wonderful to see the creativity!


                                Keep in touch and let us know how you are moving forward and how everything is going.  We all wish you well.  I'm sure you know that you are welcome to ask more questions - we'll be watching to hear from you.



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                                wolf29 Adventurer

                                See if you can work something out with rental places that rent those bouncy houses, etc. and perhaps they can help you advertise your service for a percentage. My town and surrounding towns have their own day (like Sparta day, Concord day, etc.) and you could find out when those take place and handout fliers. We just had our town day and they had an outdoor movie showing that night for the kids so someone got that gig


                                Good luck!