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    Six Rules

    Moderator Ilona Ranger

      Here is a great article by Steve Strauss about "The Six Rules of Innovation". A fantastic read for anyone that has an idea for a product or wants to start a business.


      The Six Rules of Innovation


      Feel free to discuss the article here.



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          honitel Adventurer

          Hello Ilona,

          Thanks for sharing this article. I remember back when I was in my second year in college, we were reporting about some topic and that includes discovery, invention and innovation! These three terms are connected and somehow our prof ask questions and made us confused about these three where we already laid our explanation. Tho prof just tricking us, so do himself. LOL

          "The very nature of innovation is that the creator sees something extraordinary when others see the ordinary." ~ such a great sentence to remember. These six rules are difintely marks new business owners and for those who's planning to be part of business industry. Keep it simple: there's no way great things from simple one's.