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    Im Frustrated

      Can anyone help?.. I`m not a pc genius, or even that good at it. I had a 10 year old pc, with QB 2000. I have upgraded to a new pc with Vista. The old program would not load so i bought QB 2008 pro. I fumbled through networking the old pc to the new.. and have the QB files saved on the new.. I downloaded the conversion tool and it said it encountered a problem when I tried to open it. I deleted it, and now can`t find the program to reload it. I did get a page saying it has been discontinued, but I can`t believe I missed it by one day. Any suggestions?.. I have about 3 yrs accounting precariously hanging in the outcome
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          Welcome to this web site. I am a Quickbooks Consultant in New York.
          Tell us more, Like where are you located?? Using QB for business??
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