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    Kiosk, anyone?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      I have been wondering about kiosks in malls.  And I'd really like to read your thoughts about them.  When I first saw them in some malls a while ago, I thought they were not really serious businesses.  Then I chatted with the owners and discovered that they were very serious about their businesses.  Several owners told me that they used this format to test out business ideas and then evaluate the success or lack of before going farther with the business.  Others said they just enjoyed the uniqueness and ablilty to physically move their business to other areas in the mall (with the mall's agreement, of course).


      Tell me:

      -is this something you would consider to 'road test' a small business or not?

      -why would you choose this instead of doing business online?

      -at what point would you move from your kiosk business to a shop?


      Or would you just never consider this kiosk opportunity as a serious venture?



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          UncleLeon Scout

          I must first qualify my opinion by staating that I've never had a Kiosk.  - But, I would not hesitate to for a type of business appropriately suited for that.


          Why ?  - It's right out there !  No one has to "come into your store.. You're there. - easily making eye contact.  Easily flying your little electric helicopter in their midst.  Your wigs, or "T" shirts, or sunglasses, or whatever, is right ewhere the passing shopper MUST see them.


          But the location of the kiosk within the mall, relative to other businesses and foot traffic appropriate to your business is VITAL.

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            Don Barrick Wayfarer

            Be aware that kiosks are not neccessarily cheap!  Depending upon the mall, you can potentially get them on a month-to-month basis, but they are frequently priced on a seasonal basis:  They are cheaper in the summer and get progressively more expensive as you get closer to the Christmas shopping season.  And UncleLeon is correct, in that location is VITAL.  For that reason, you will also pay more to be closer to the Food Court for example, because that is the more desirable area in any mall.  It acts like a funnel for traffic, because the majority of people go to or pass through the Food Court.


            Also be aware that the mall management can and will move you, during specific times of the year.  We have a division for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, and we find that the mall will review kiosk activity on a regular basis, by individual kiosk.  As you get close to Christmas, the mall will move kiosks with lesser traffic to less desirable locations, so they can bolster the traffic whereever they see it more beneficial to the mall.  You will have little to no say in the move.