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    Suggestion Box Up and Ready

    Moderator Cath Guide

      A small business owner and I were chatting recently and she was telling me about her staff and how much she appreciates all they do in her shop.  She has given them small thank-yous every now and then to show her gratitude.  She does not have a lot of extra money available to give large raises or even medium ones.


      Her employees are mostly part-time and like it that way.  The few full-time employees seem satisfied with their pay.  So she was really exploring ways to compensate those part-timers (and of course the full-timers) in a way they would most value.  This is a yarn shop and she has given them employee discounts on the items in the shop.  She brings in snacks for all at least once a week.  Bends over backwards to give them time apart when they ask.  Employee birthdays are a special treat in the shop with special snack food.


      I told her that I thought she is really doing a very nice job showing appreciation but she is looking for some additional ways to have in her pocket for times in the future.


      One thing I suggested to her was to close her shop (it is open Mon-Sun) one day and have a one day retreat in her home which is nearby and spacious.  The employees could work on projects, chat and get better acquainted, learn new knitting skills, or just enjoy the peace and beauty of mountain views from her porch.  A filling breakfast and tasty lunch would be provided.  Mid-afternoon everyone could pack up and head home, hopefully a bit more refreshed.


      What would you add?  I would value any suggestions that you all would like to share and will pass them on.



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          soloco Wayfarer

          If there is a local community paper in her area, she could use this media for personal articles about her employees to give them some well deserved local publicity as well as her company.  Topics could include such things as a particular employee's volunteer work, or noteworthy achievments, etc. (all outside of their work at her company).  Many local newpapers would love to fill their space with that type of content.

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              Thanks, Bob, what a great suggestion!  I would imagine that any business could use this and get some advertising for their business, too.  A very neat way to give an employee a lift and free advertising for your business - what could be better?


              Bob has got this ball rolling, who else wants to share an idea?