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    PLEASE!  Need marketing help

    Jamaicangirl Adventurer

      I just started an online store selling accessories, which is a huge passion of mine..I was wondering what I can do to promote my site. I have tried Facebook and flyers and business cards not getting any traction. HELP PLEASE!

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          vnavguys Tracker

          This is not a simple answer.  Marketing and SEO is a hige undertaking, its a bigger job then building the site.  It takes a thorough plan and that plan needs to be followed.  Unfortunetly posting for help here will most likely get you some very outdated and poor advice.  You have to be up to date on all the changes in search marketing and most people post old techniques that they "heard" or "think could work".  I would recommend hiring a pro at this point since you already built your site, you are more or less committed to it.  If you try to do it yourself (you can). It takes a huge amount of time and the ability to sift through a lot of terrible advice.  The only way to do that is to learn what works and what does not.

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            Jamaicangirl Adventurer

            Thank you I will try it.

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                Moderator Cath Guide

                Donna, I think you need to remember that it takes time to build up any business and gaining visibility does not happen overnight.  You say this business is your passion - then continue to search for various ways to draw attention to it.


                Have a virtual 'open house' and invite people to visit.  Offer some coupons to help with sales.  People who invite friends (and mention their name) will get a small 'bonus' from you.


                Then back to your website......take a good look at it.  Is it inviting?  Does it show off your products in the way that will encourage further shopping and purchasing?


                Nothing new here but tried and true ideas that seem to have stood the test of time.  Good luck with your endeavor!



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                mrsrjp Newbie


                Do you have google analytics on your site so you can track your success?  Try that, it's free. Also, if you can afford it, try doing some pay per click marketing through Facebook.  Post several updates a day to facebook and twitter through Hootsuite (also free) and try doing some videos showing your jewlery and post them through Traffic Geyser with a local keyword (i.e. Jewlery Anchorage AK) so that you get first page rankings quickly.


                Also- remember, people like to buy from people, not sites. So you may need to add something to your site like a "click here to schedule a time to talk to me" and you could close people on the phone.  Once you do get clients, offer a referral program or a "buy so many and get some free" program.

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                  Wesmaster Adventurer

                  Take some incredible pictures of your products and start pinning them on Pinterest. Start getting your friends to pin your products. Start following other people and being social on Pinterest.


                  Google Adsense is how you buy ads when people search for keywords. It's highly competitive and you'll have to find keywords that are affordable (less common).


                  Google has also recently changed Google Products to be a pay-per-listing system for advertising products. Not sure about their prices, but something to look into.


                  Find some Twitter users in your demographic with tons of followers and offer to send them free products. They just MIGHT talk about how awesome they are.

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                    JVoe Wayfarer


                    Everyone makes really good points. Building up your traffic and business is going to take time. But in the meantime, make sure you are utilizing every social media outlet that you can - Facebook, Twitter, and definitely Pinterest. Maybe try reaching out to an SEO agency to make sure your site is optimized and easily navigable for readers. They can probably also help you with your social media and most can also run PPC for you. Just make sure you are working with an agency that practices "white hat" tactics as those will get you more noticed in Google. But since all this can be expensive, you can do most of this on your own. There are great webinars out there that will help you learn these strategies.

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                      Moderator Berta Guide

                      Hey Donna,


                      How's your business going? Have you tried any of the suggestions here? If so, which ones?  Please give us an update on your status.



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                        Travis Van Slooten Adventurer

                        Wesmaster gave you some really good advice about Pinterest and getting involved on social channels like Twitter. You might also consider taking advantage of YouTube. Make videos of your products, describing them, and then upload them to your YouTube channel. You could then use a free service like TubeMogul to distribute the video to other video sites.


                        And as others have suggested, spend time on creating and developing a quality site to effectively showcase your products.


                        Travis Van Slooten

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                          eclipsemedia1 Newbie


                          I see that it indicates that your question is still not answered - my only advise would be to find a marketing professional that is willing to work with you on a promotional plan that is performance-based and paid to them accordingly.  I could suggest some places to look, but they are numerous and vast..  If you are truly serious about your online marketing - I could put you in touch with some marketing gurus, who will do SEO and a marketing plan that is either mostly or entirely performance or revenue based.


                          All the best,


                          Jesse / Eclipse Media / Internet

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                            MarketingPro Wayfarer

                            The start of any marketing plan must include deciding who your market is. The Internet and the world is too large a market. Creating a clear focus on a particular group is vital. Must small business owners do not have the finances to fund a world wide marketing campaign like Visa and Coca Cola. With that said are you selling accessories to working professionals or teenage girls, are the accessories for pets, phones, or shoes. I ask because  the marketing message will be different for each category.


                            Once your market is clearly identified you can focus your marketing efforts. I do not know much about your business so I will create an instructive scenario. Lets say for example you are selling clothing accessories to young adult women. Are you selling to the college crowd, the urban "fashionista", or the conservative corporate intern. Can you see how each of the markets will be looking for different styles? They will likely have different price ranges and will gravitate to different locations online and in your city. The key is to place your advertising, flyers, pictures or links to your products in the places that your type of customer can find them easily and cost effectivly.


                            One strategy that has worked for my clients is to borrow credibility. This is how you do it:

                            1. Contact the owner of fashion sites you like to visit, assuming the accessories you sell are ones you would buy, and ask them to review one of your accessories that she likes in exchange for sending her the item or a $25 credit to your store (It will be cheaper then adwords, i promise).

                            2. If she has a newsletter you can even have her send and email to her list of fans talking about the accessories you offer with a link to your store (you both can negotiate the terms).


                            Then you are "out there". Even if that doesn't bring an influx of sales continually you can always post messages online telling people you were reviewed  by "Ms big time fashion lady" with a link that sends them to her review that talks about you (she gets new views you get credibility because she talked about you. This helps you build a relationship.


                            One more tip: Your business is highly visual so placing pictures, on facebook and pintrest will need to be a part of your strategy. You also want to have a visually pleasing website. I have a few more ideas in my head but they are based on my "make believe" example. If I knew a bit more about your actual situation I would have more targeted suggestions. If you would like to talk more send an email or you can ask me on the thread you choose.


                            Hope this helps,



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                              CallboxInc Adventurer

                              Like what the others suggested, SEO and social media is the best way to advertise your business. It is not enough that you join in networks. Join sites where your target market are located. This way they would know about your company and the services that you provide.

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                                vineesh Wayfarer

                                Marketing Help for increasing the website ranking


                                Try following points mentioned here:


                                1.Create a wordpress based blog under your website it may be or

                                2.Create a link of each products to your blog post and write unique article related to that product.(add your product features, price etc).

                                3.Optimise your website with various social medias like (facebook,google +1,twitter,dugg, pin etc)

                                4.Optimise your product photos with enough keywords




                                Do not participate any link building groups.





                                Co-founder - IT Research & Pro Labs

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                                  longlivemedia Tracker

                                  Can you elaborate on the efforts you exerted so we could analyze where along the way did you get wrong? I also suggest you do SEO.

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                                    jasminelane Adventurer

                                    You can do Search engine optimization and social media optimization for your shopping website.Creat your busines page,fcaebook page,Tweet your page for increasing the followers.Create backlinks through Offpage optimization.

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                                      Moderator Cath Guide

                                      Donna Leiba-Gough, you have received a variety of responses.  Have any been of help to you?  Please let us know how you are doing with selling your accessories online.


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                                        alicenikolic Scout

                                        As per my suggestion...create a page on Facebook,if are into this and upload some basic and interesting related informations about your product and highlight the USP of the product. Apart from this ....reach those people by creating or joining business related community or pages are easily accessible for now and ask them to join that page.

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                                          webfactorieshq Adventurer

                                          Hi Donna, same here I just started my online shop but the first thing I did before going online is doing it offline by viral marketing. I guess this is the best step before making it online. Anyways, it depends on your plan. Still, you will have the last say for your business. Wish you the best.

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                                            seohelp Adventurer

                                            I know, the past few months have been crazy. You've probably heard and seen it all:


                                            -The de-indexing of popular blog networks like BMR (, ALN (, High PR Vault.

                                            -The announcements from Google to penalize overly-optimized sites.

                                            -Penguin update.

                                            -And so on.


                                            Obviously people freak out when they see these things happening, especially those who are new in SEO. What these people don't realize is Google updates were always there and that there will be always there, the SEO game is all about adapting and changing. Some guys here are recommending SEO-experts and I agree on that. If you do not mind get some offers from experts and then get in touch with me aiming at getting the best and cheapest solution for you.

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                                              wayne.lappas Newbie

                                              Most eCommerce categories, especially accessories, are very visual. Have you tried Pintrest at all to help expose people to your products?

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                                                joliemartin Scout

                                                You should write some useful content relevant to your products and promote this content through articles, press-lies. Also bookmarks content and share it through social media. I am sure that your business will famous in few days. is also a good site, also selling their products all over the world with the same. 

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                                                  seohelp Adventurer

                                                  So far you have learnt some different and effectice methods when it comes to promoting your site. But I felt like telling you the followinging in order to be headed in the right direction, i.e. here are 5 pieces of advice I wish someone gave me when I started out..



                                                  1. Choose one strategy and get awesome at it - In my experience, most of the real success comes when you get really good at implementing a specific online strategy and leveraging this knowledge into cash. It's often the 3 or 4 unknown techniques that make the difference. Stick with a specific strategy long enough to master it. Getting "ok" at various strategies is often a waste of time.
                                                  2. Spend some money - So often new internet marketers want to build cashflow properties using $0 start-up capital. I think this is a mistake. There are amazing IM tools at reasonable prices that can significantly increase your chances of success. Spend a little start-up cash to help kick start your project.
                                                  3. Don't try "old" strategies - Back in the day you could write a 40 page eBook and sell it for $80. That same eBook now is difficult to give away for free. Learn where the industry is going and try not to get sucked into old ineffective strategies.
                                                  4. Have a daily routine - There is such a significant volume of information available to internet marketers that it can be overwhelming just browsing around trying to learn this stuff. Once you have a focus setup a daily routine of tasks that will help you move your project forward. It's easy to waste away 1 to 2 hours of time browsing the internet.
                                                  5. Make sure you enjoy it - Whatever online strategies you choose make sure that you enjoy the work. It's not always going to be engaging, but overall you should be excited about the process. I remember getting into MLM early on and I hated most of what I had to do. Probably the reason I wasn't initially successful in MLM.

                                                  Of course there are many more lessons one could give, but these 5 stand out for me as the ones I wish someone told me when I got started as I mentioned above already..

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                                                    disher18 Scout

                                                    I can help you with that, i Host a radio show and i will advertise your business on the air.

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                                                      Moderator Berta Guide

                                                      Hi Donna,


                                                      You've gotten lots of great information and advice here. Have you tried any of them? How are things going now?



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                                                        jkgudger Newbie

                                                        My Goodness you've opened up a can of worms!


                                                        I find it very interesting that you have fantastic suggestions about the Media to use and a bit about the Market you're targeting. However, there's very little about improving your MESSAGE.


                                                        There are three "pillars" of marketing: Message, Market, Medium - and that's the order to create them in.


                                                        I'm getting this feeling you're jumping straight to Medium without crafting a strong Message. And many of the suggestions here are revolving around the Media's to use.

                                                        Most ineffective advertising fails because there is not a strong message and/or a clear call to action. They'll buy water bottles, billboards, ads, put up a website, etc and slap their name, address, phone number, and HOPE that people walk in the door.


                                                        You need to answer the question, "Why should they buy from you instead of every other option you have?" Place that on your media.

                                                        The marketing gurus call this a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). It could be a guarantee, a promise, etc...


                                                        Also give them an offer (bundled package of goods, special pricing, etc). And make them give you their information (name, email, phone number, address) to access that offer. This means you can follow up with them down the road.

                                                        Traffic is baloney. Leads are everything!


                                                        Good luck!


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                                                          Ydeveloper Wayfarer

                                                          It's great, you passionate so, I am sure you learn how to use online marketing tools to promote your store. Your efforts for the marketing will start with the targeting audience first, so after finding the targeting audience according the geographic and demographics, you can build a strategy for what can generate more traffic for your store to reach your target audience. As of now the search engines and social networks are two main sources that generate more traffic, but it's not easy you have to optimize the content, speed, onsite elements and other areas then build links for your store. This is called SEO and for social media traffic, you can use Facebook and Twitter.


                                                          These are the basic channels for online marketing, there are some others too. Further, you can visit for more info about these tools: Internet Marketing Services, Internet Marketing Company, B2B and B2C Internet Marketing Firm:

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                                                            marketingexpert Scout

                                                            I encourage you to go Outside the search box.


                                                            Millions of people with something to sell, sell it on online regularly, and  more than half a million people do it as their full-time job.

                                                            The conventional philosophy of most sellers is this:

                                                            • Sell an item produced to satisfy wants or needs
                                                            • Sell it cheaper than everybody else
                                                            • Provide good enough customer service that they rate you high
                                                            • Sit back and wait for a portion of traffic from being searched

                                                            The process starts with a prospect going to an online auction site, types in the search box “Espresso Machine” and views all the listings. Common sense tells the prospect to seek the cheapest one from an OK rated bidder. Which leads to average products sold to average people for slightly below average prices.

                                                            Can you already guess what I’m about to say: trying to sell to masses, average products to average people, is very time-consuming and not the way to make a living. That when we think about it, the long stories, the ones that people talk about, are the Blueberry Hill Boutique, theTikiPugMusic, the Buy BIG From Brandi and the NouveauQueen . These sellers have built an asset and so their products are sold despite the search box, not because of it.

                                                            This is a fundamentally different way of thinking, one that gets you more attention off the auction site and builds an asset you can reap the fruits from. Read More...