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    Free NSF Check Collections

    amspcs Ranger
      As a value added service for our valued small business merchant customers, we are offering free NSF check collection services at no additional charge in collaberation with EZCheck of Houston, TX.. Here's how it works:

      Merchants can
      forward (or have their banks forward) returned checks to EZ Check for
      free electronic collections on Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) items. Any checks that clear are reimbursed to the merchant at full face value.


      • No check readers, scanners, terminals or any kind of special equipment necessary
      • No setup fees. No rates. No monthly minimum
      • No authorization hassles or delays at POS.
      • A cost-effective solution to costly check guarantee services and traditional check collection services

      To become an AMS merchant, please email, call 1-877-6898-1691, or go to

      Automated Merchant Solutions, Inc.
      Electronic Payment Systems
      Boynton Beach, FL

        • Re: Free NSF Check Collections
          LUCKIEST Guide
          Free NSF Check Collections. This web site loves the word FREE.
          Good Marketing. Will check it out.
          Thanks, LUCKIEST
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              amspcs Ranger
              I appreciate the context of your comment about free and realize lots of people use that word a little too liberally. . Honestly, I'm not kekyword trolling by using the word free. It really is a service that costs nothing, as mentioned meant to be a value added commodity for our customers. No signup fees, no monthly fees, no transaction fees, if a customer submits a $500 NSF check for collection and it's collected, they're reimbursed the entire $500...don't know what other word besides free would apply.,