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    Social Media vs. Conventional Advertising

    Moderator Ilona Ranger

      Social Media vs. Conventional Advertising


      Do you own a small Business, if so how do you go about advertising for this Business?


      Do you feel that advertising using Social Media is better than the 'good old fashioned' way ?


      Have any tips for you fellow business owners on these boards, please feel free to share

      them here or ask questions you might have on how to switch to a way to advertise that

      would work best for you area, business or situation.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Advertising Subjects of interest include


          Relationship Building

          Personal Presentation.

          Finding the market 'Niche.

          Building Business through Referrals.

          Getting and using Testimonials.

          Beating the competition regardless of size. 

          Selling what they NEED, not what you think they want.


          And so much more, LUCKIEST

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            dannowhite Scout

            Luckiest did a good job with his subjects.  I feel nowadays, that social media is becoming more prevelant along with QR codes.  These message show a more future thinking along with trending and what not.  Referrals and affiliates are a great form of advertising as well.  Building comfortable relationships with other businesses really creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the client.

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              jessica_david Scout

              Surely social media sites play a vital role in promotion of any type of business, using social media sites as an advertising/promoting tool one can not get the results same as without using them.

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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  Social media is the buzz word these days and individuals and businesses are actively creating more and different opportunities to use it.  Having a Facebook presence is essential, in my opinion.  Tweeting is another great tool to have in your pocket for advertising.


                  But let's don't forget about face to face encounters. I am always pleased when I enter a shop and am greeted on entry, and even more pleased if they remember my name!  Somehow social media does not quite measure up to the warmth of a personal encounter.


                  So my best suggestion is to use every means you can creatively come up with to get the word out about your business.  What catches one person's attention may not catch another person's attention.


                  If your town has a Chamber of Commerce, see about how to join them.


                  Network whenever and wherever you can!



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                  CallboxInc Adventurer

                  I suggest that you use both ways. There are prospects that cannot be reached by traditional advertising but are frequent online and vice versa. So it is best that you utilize both. Divide your budget to accomodate both strategies.

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                      Moderator Cath Guide

                      I agree with you all about using both social media and conventional advertising.  I suppose my original post was a response to remind us not to forget Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sources.  Often people think of these sources as a friendship networking media.  Businesses that interest me (and you, I'm sure) are taking full interest and use of them -- as we should.


                      So use both and remember to use some creativity when you advertise.  My eyes tend to glaze over after I read several businesses advertising similar services/products.  Make your business stand out with a great logo or some creative wording.