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    Credit Card terminal questions DSL vs Dial up?

    thekhansforever Newbie

      Hello, i would like to know if the DSL IP option is safer then the dial up? i hear how the card numbers can get hacked easily when using online or high speed.


      Also can i have both options lets say DSL as primary but if my internet is down does it connect it through dial up? i do have a dual mode terminal.


      Thanks i'll appreciate your responses on this.

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          amspcs Ranger

          I don't know about the 'safer' issue--I don't claim to be a technical expert.  But my educated guess would be that the answer is that there is no difference in safety regardless of DSL or dial up.  After all, it's the same network platform being utilized regardless of which method (DSL or dial) is used to access that network.  Many if not most terminals offering DSL connectivity also offer a dial up jack (hence dual connectivity), so if your DSL goes down, all you need to do is  upplug the DSL connection and plug the terminal into a phone line via the telephony jack.  Be aware that physically connecting the terminal to a dial up jack, and the terminal working well (if at all) in dial up mode are two very different things.   Most of the newer terminals respond very spottily (if at all) on any kind of phone line other than an old fashioned Ma Bell analog dial up lines---this means digital phone jacks such as Vonage, your cable provider, etc may or may not work at all.   Typically, they work sometimes when doing simple transactions, but will not perform more complicated settlement or download functions.

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            jessica_david Scout

            I never heard about any type of hacking of card numbers & yes you can use DSL as primary and dial-up as secondary.