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    New Service Business Owner, Marketing strategies?

    HoldFast Enviro Wayfarer

      I am an environmental pest solutions company trying to make it. I am trying to optimize my website for search engines and I do not have a lot of competition in my market (70,000) population. I have been hearing mixed reviews about paying for yellowbook, YP, Dex... I hear it is a dying advertising solution.


      Question 1.) If you were going to look for pest control, where would you look? Internet or Yellowbook/dex/YP


      Question 2.) What impression do you get from my website?


      Question 3.) I use environmentally safe solutions for pest control. The products I use are eco-friendly, green and extremely safe for children/pets/environment. Would you prefer my services as opposed to traditional pest control services?


      Any advice is well appreciated! I am a young, eager businessman trying to make his mark on the community. I have invested all my capital into this business and I am excited to watch it grow.

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          bizconsultant Scout

          To answer your questions:

          1) Internet

          2)Its simple, nice and clean - not particularly sexy, but nice nontheless

          3) I would prefer eco friendly pesticides - so that needs to be part of your USP that gets you the business.


          Leverage that and I think you can do good.

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            CPJ Adventurer

            If you buy ad copy space in local Yellow Pages, there is the aspect of providing RCF numbers, (Remote Call Forwarding) linked directly to your office. Buying ad space into other area Yellow Pages gives the impression to customers outside your immediate geographical area you are local to them, you will have a phone number which reflects that. Even though you may be in another county or state. Unfortunately, Yellow Pages advertising is almost cost-prohibitive, but even the smallest ad gets free listings throughout the book. One draw back to Yellow Pages beside the cost, is that your advertisement is out there for an entire year and cannot be recalled or altered. Any incentives or discounts you would like to offer new customers must stipulate "First Time Customers Only" so that discounts cannot be manipulated. Personally speaking, I once read a survey which suggested that unless you were an Attorney, a Mechanic, a Plumber, a Pizza delivery restaurant or a Florist, you should never advertise in any Yellow pages; however, a lot of businesses feel they need to have some representation and join in the classifications. In your particular case, what would be most beneficial to your business would be to forge relationships on an idustrial scale with preventativre maintenence contracts, as opposed to Mrs. Jones down the road calling once per year for service. I would hammer out effective display advertising to target large companies and new companies for service contracts. Send them all your standard pricing structure but hint at a decent discount on pricing via a contractual element. Companies like to forecast, the bean counters like to see figures they can work with that don't necessarily change. Let Mrs. Jones buy a new can of Raid every Spring. To anwer your question; 'Yellow Pages is dying'  the answer is that 'yes' they do lose more classifications than they stimulate; however, it reamains a standard platform for business to place their advertising in them and be represented in some way. With electronic communications gagetry becoming more and more commonplace, I would think long and hard about investing any serious money in Yellow Pages advertising.