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    Florida Sales Tax

    rescu67 Wayfarer

      I am a small commerical printer in Florida. My client is based in Hollywood, FL but is having me ship a job to Atlanta. Since the shipment is being delivered in Atlanta should I charge Florida sales tax for the job?


      I appreciate any response.

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          rescu67 Wayfarer

          As opposed to doing itwrong?


          I had already reached out to the accountant before posting Reagan used to say: trust but verify.


          Guess this "community" is not the Forum for that.

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              Hi there ,


              Welcome to the community , rescu67. I am sure other members read and respond to you.  I myself am anxious to hear what others have to suggest and learn from it. I don't believe luckiest means to drive you away. Did you ,David ?


              This is exactly the kind of community for discussing the questions in your post . Don't get discouraged  

              Anything you need, Holler!



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              Hi Luckiest,


              While we appreciate you engaging the community with your expertise, please be mindful of your tone. 


              Your post as been removed as it contained no quality content and offended a new member.