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    Need more online traffic

    Scentalot Wayfarer

      I have been trying to create more online traffic/purchases for my Scentsy business     Any suggestions?

      I have had some new recruits and I am continuing to recruit.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Heide


          Tell us your website


          We can check it out and maybe then offer suggestions.



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              snmo4him Adventurer


              I visited its site and its all about scented candles!



              Have you try to use social media marketing? or done some SEO strategies to get more traffic/purchase you want?

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              ArtistWeb Wayfarer

              The question I have is, why do you have such an obscure domain name. There is nothing in the name that indicates what it is that you are selling. That would be one of the first things - among many - that I would look at.

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                LUCKIEST Guide

                For today, let's focus on the home page of your website. Here's a portion of a checklist.


                1 - Make the most of valuable real estate.


                2 - Use quotes only if they support your marketing.


                3 - Add a compelling, benefit-oriented headline.


                4 - Your home page should answer these questions, asked by your visitors:

                Am I in the right place?


                5 - Clear and easy to follow.

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                  RWhiles Adventurer

                  Hi, I work for a graphics design company and one recommendation I can make that I think would help a lot would be to get a less complicated url...


                  Something basic and easy to remember.


                  Also, offer somewhere on the page for them to click to add a bookmark (a kind, gentle reminder to re-visit your page).


                  Those two things alone can really increase the traffic to your site. You'd be surprised how many sites are lost and forgotten from memory the moment the user leaves the site. If you have a hrd to remember url and they haven't added a bookmark, it is unlikely they will return.

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                    ethanonthemoon Wayfarer

                    I visited your site and its really nice. I would suggest traffic exchanges and mailers to promote your lovely site.

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                      GMFS Adventurer

                      I wouldn't suggest buying traffic. That's like basically throwing money down the drain.

                      Focus on google/bing ppc, twitter and facebook promotion

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                        YesYouCan Scout

                        Sentalot,  I notice you have not completed your profile (story) on your website.  Multilevel marketing is all about relationships.  People need to know you and know they can trust you - especially if you are recruiting them.  Make it a success story if you can.  and if you can get some testimonials from satisfied customers - and people in your downline - it will help both sales & recruiting.  Are you promoting on Facebook and Twitter?  If not start there.  Next google "Attraction Marketing" & you will get all sorts of ideas (but watch out for "gurus" and other sharks out there).  Good luck.

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                          esprintguy Adventurer

                          I don't think it should be out with the old and in with the new. This isn't what is meant by being flexible and keeping up with the times. If you're not careful, you could bite off way more than you could chew, leaving you worse off than if you didn't do any advertising at all.

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                            esprintguy Adventurer

                            What methods have you tried so far? Do you have an idea of what's working and what's a waste of time? Getting the answers is really just  a matter of asking the right questions.