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    Complicated situation

    hp87 Newbie

      So I have a complicated situation and I need to know few things before talking to a lawyer/accountant.


      I have three partners who are interested in investing in a subway type franchise. One of the franchise we are interested has a special stiupation where the working partner has to have a 50% stake in the business, which will be me.


      I do not have financial capability of investing 50% in the business and my parnters wants an equal three way share. Being said, the franchise will not make exception in this case because they want to insure that one of the partners can't get bought out or over-ruled.


      Speaking further with the franchisors, they said that there is a way where we can show I have 50% share on paper, but during profit sharing we can split the profit 3 equal way.


      I need to know if anyone has ever seen this done or if it all is possible in any kind of way?


      Thanks you.