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    New to online marketing

    Jay Warpinski Adventurer

      I just launched a website for my printing company and I am looking for a way to promote my site.  I have broad experience in offline marketing techniques, but online strategies are foreign to me.  I'd be happy for any pointers anyone could offer.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Jay.

          What is your website??

          It would be great to review the site and then offer some marketing strategies



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            thirddd Scout

            Without even looking at your website, I'd suggest heavily using a display network advertising platform like AdWords up front to bring in the initial online sales. As your site begins to generate more sales I'd shift to a hybrid approach and place more emphasis on search engine optimization while still running a minor AdWords campaign. There's definitely a market for professional printing services, just make sure you try your best to target local customers. Competing on a national level is an entirely different story.


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                Jay Warpinski Adventurer

                Thanks for the advice Jon. I'm testing out a small adwords campaign, I just started, so there's not a lot of data to go on yet.  As long as I can keep my cost per conversion at $50 or less, I'll be viable on adwords.  Until I know whether it falls into that "comfort range" I'm trying to research other avenues.  I'm having a commercial produced, as well as getting together some customer video testimonials, and I plan to post them on youtube for the time being, with tv ad purchases planned for the future as finances permit.  I've researched affiliate programs, as my website has an affiliate manager built into the backend, and am skeptical about their results. I'm trying to avoid local customers, since I source some of my products elsewhere and they don't seem to understand that I still have to have it shipped, even if my physical location is down the street.  I know diving into the national market is exceedingly difficult, but I'm only looking for a sliver of the pie 40 orders a month on a keyword that gets over 3 million hits a month.


                With reference to your suggestion of SEO, I've done a lot of research and have attempted to do it myself.  It's not horrible, but it's far from where it needs to be.  The problem is, although the terminoligy remains pretty consistent from person to person or company that I have inquired to, the advice, methods, and result promises all vary greatly.  So, feeling like I didn't know who to put that trust in, I just tried to put together the common sense knowledge that some of them touched on and tried to make the effort myself.  At least if it was screwed up it was my own fault and I had nobody else to blame.  I've chosen the most common keywords directly related to what I do and to the content on the page.  I've tried to keep my number of keywords down to avoid looking like I'm fishing for hits or keyword stuffing.  I've joined a few forums like this, where I offer my advice when it falls within my expertise, and ask for advice like I'm doing now.  I don't pitch my products in those posts, because I do value them as good sources of information ad don't want to be accused of spamming.  All my research tells me that these will help generate quality traffic in the long run. 


                I'd be much more comfortable letting another person or company handle the seo if I could find a company that can gain my confidence.  Until then I just have to hope that I'm not damaging my ability to succeed by doing it alone.

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                Sarah Adventurer

                I'd be cautious with PPC, you can really get into deep water fast.


                I would however go all out with social media. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin. Develop a strong social presence and it will help your SERPS (search engine rankings) too.


                Additionally, since you are good at offline marketing, don't stop, but combine the two. Always mention your site in your offline methods.


                Most importantly! I would get an autoresponder system going right away (especially important since you're spending money on PPC). Start getting first names and emails right off while you are getting your paid traffic. You can use this in a variety of ways to continue marketing, sell verticals, and keep your site in front of people's faces.



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                  Sarah Adventurer

                  Also wanted to point out (after looking at your site) that you have NO social media buttons, no opt in form, and some of your content is not current (you have an offer for a free logo that expires May 5th). The live chat feature is great, but an autoresponder is a cheap and very powerful tool. You could even use mailchimp for free. It won't function as a true autoresponder unless you pay for it, but until then, you can collect contacts and send indidual newsletters or mail to them for free. I use them for a bunch of sites.


                  Mean time... update that site! Email me if you need some professional help with the site.