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    how can i find more US or Canada buyers

    joytrade88 Wayfarer

      I am online business few years, but it is not too many buyers place orders from my site for these days, it really make me so crazy!


      I don't know how can i find more US or canada buyers, and how can i promote my sites  page view.

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          helpyouprofit Newbie

          What is your website address?


          What business are you in?


          It's hard to prescribe any medicine if we don't know where it hurts.

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            jameslabonte Wayfarer

            you can get the traffic and conversion from Canada and USA by Promoting your website Geo Base. There are multiple free calssifieds and estore for canada and USA. So just create the classified for your business and submit in local Canada and USA websites you will get the traffic and conversion.

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              SmallBizWiz Adventurer

              I would suggest just building up your presence on the internet. Adding your site to relevant directories, having a facebook, add a company bio/profile to websites like and

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                chixfashionz Wayfarer

                If you have a website, you need to configure your keywords and meta tags to include US cities and States to assist US buyers who might type their locality into Google searches. This will certainly assist to some degree.


                Use and list on as many free US business directories as you can, with a clear emphasis on those cities and States you feel you can service well and for less cost.


                If you use social media, make sure you state what localities your business services within the business description you have in your profiles.

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                  CallboxInc Adventurer

                  You need to be active on social networks.It is not enough that you have a Facebook page. Try to engage to the consumers and prospects. Link to relevant sites.


                  Also make sure that your website is optimized with keywords, meta tags and description. This way it will be easy to find you online.

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                    Lucy Adventurer

                    HI LZ:


                    I also met such questions,how to gind the more buyers as we can,what products you are dealing?

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                      Techxan Wayfarer

                      How is your on page SEO?  Did you do keyword research to find which search terms are being used in your area, or just make a guess?  If your SEO is spot on, and you target terms that people search for, people will come to your site.  If you are targeting terms that less people will search for, you will get less traffic.


                      For instant traffic, you can use PPC and PPV traffic, but this is paid traffic, and you have to understand what you are doing in order to do it right.


                      You can contact media buying companies, and find websites that are a good match for your product and run display advertising on them.  There are tons of media buy companies, Google it.


                      If you have products that appeal to the younger or vanity crowd, you need to hit social media and Pinterest. If you have how to information, make videos and post to video sites.


                      Convert the text of your website into a pod cast and post it into podcast directories.  Not only will you get links you will get traffic.


                      Find forums that relate to your product, and go into them and help people, like I am doing here.


                      By me helping you for free, I am showing the community that I know what I am doing.  The more I participate, the more likely that someone will offer me a small job here or there, and if I do those well, they may offer larger jobs and recommend me to their friends and business associates.


                      Forums can drive the most targeted traffic, because only people who are passionate about subjects will participate in forums.


                      Depending on your product you may do well with solo ads.  In this method you find someone who has an e-mail list in your niche and offer them money for a solo e-mail about your product to their list.  If you come to an agreement, this can be very lucrative for both of you, because all marketers have a list of people who buy from them on a regular basis.  If this person recommends you, Bob's your uncle!