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    Moderator Berta Guide

      How do you make the Media work for you and your business?  Do you adverstise on Social Media websites like Facebook, Myspace or Google+? Do you Tweet about your company on Twitter?


      Please share your experiences with marketing on Social Media networks?



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          jessica_david Scout

          Hi Berta,

          Answer to your question is in your own post. Advertisement through social media is easy as well as free of cost.

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            longlivemedia Tracker

            Aside from working on your posts and interaction with your customers and prospects, there’s one more thing that business owners should mind when it comes to using social networks as platforms for business promotion. According to reports and statistics, users usually leave pages and accounts that post far more frequently than what is necessary.




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              LUCKIEST Guide

              To get Media to work for you, get some copywriting training,

              The benefits should be credible, realistic, specific and significant.


              Here are some tips for creating your own compelling benefits.


              (1) Focus on the outcome of your service -  and the significance of the outcome.


              (2) Get specific about the benefits. As a bonus, when you focus on specifics,

              you ll come across as communicating authentically rather than selling hard.


              (3) Recognize hidden treasures that turn out to be the most valuable part of your message.


              That's why Real Copywriting will be driven by your strategy

              - your niche, brand and goals - to deliver the greatest benefits and help grow your business.

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                SmallBizWiz Adventurer

                Hi Berta- my small business has really grown becuase of social media. Family and friends have shared links to my site and it keeps trickling down. Being available to all of my customers through Facebook and/or Twitter has shown that my customers are imporrtant to me. I find that I receive more testimonials and pictures shared through Facebook, while I get questions and thank you tweets through Twitter.


                Google+ hasn't really taken off for me, but I know that having a presence there is important.

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                    Moderator Cath Guide

                    Hi SmallBizWiz,


                    Interesting to read how you see the difference between Facebook and Twitter in your business.  So it appears that both are working well for you?


                    Do you use Facebook as well to showcase your products?  If so, how often do you change your post?  Daily?  Weekly?   And how quickly do you begin to see responses?


                    Sorry to hear Google+ isn't working as well for you at the moment.  I have heard both pros and cons on it.