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    Fear in Business

    Moderator Berta Guide

      Fear is a huge emotion that stops most people dead in their tracks. Fear has to be overcome to succeed in life regardless of being in your personal life or your business life.


      How does fear affect your life?  Do you let it stop you from doing what you desire and dream about doing? How did you overcome your fear and get to where you are today?


      I can't wait to hear how everyone has gotten past their fear to obtain success.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Really FEAR?? Most entrepreneurs are not adequately prepared to go into business,


          To create a business and succeed requires motivation and perseverance.


          Not fear but FREEDOM, The freedom to succeed on their own terms.



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            edbates Newbie

            This question hits home.  I just took the leap of faith myself. Working for someone for 20 years,  I recently decided to open my own business, in a bad economy. 


            I have been doing it for only 3 months now and everyday I ask myself am I doing the right thing, should I call and get my job back?  I know this is the fear of failing inside me, but so far I have been somewhat successful and surprised on how well I am actually doing. Alway could be doing better, but it's a start. 


            I am sure the more confident I become with my business, then the more the fear will no longer be there, I hope...


            I just tell myself, if I never try, I will never know...


            Good question, thanks for posting!

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Not Fear, But in todays N Y Times Business section there is a good article


              "The Rise Of the Independent Work Force"


              Most important, Keep an open mind. The future world of work will be one of ambiguity,

              and your ability to adopt will set you apart and let you flourish.


              Again LUCKIEST

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                Great discussion . It's always timely to face the fear or failure .

                As edbates said, fear is replaced by confidence and success but I don't believe fear itself is ever totally banished. 



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                  jessica_david Scout


                  you are right berta fear has to be overcome to succeed in life regardless of business or personal. One should take motivation from successful people's life to overcome his/her fear.

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                    vnavguys Tracker

                    Fear is meant to be overcome.  If I am not a little fearful then i am doing the right thing.  I use it for fuel an d inspiration.  Most people let fear paralyze themseves which keeps the from making good decisions.  Its a tool.


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                      honitel Adventurer

                      Hello Berta,


                      In life, either business or personal taking risk on things is one of our key in success! Fear is part of every individual. or corporation tho Hope is stronger than fear! In every chances we take hope must always ahead of us that we can surely attain what we want to reach

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                        koln123 Tracker

                        For many people, including entrepreneurs, a big part of the root cause of fear comes from a lack of knowledge or lack of planning, or both.     If the individual has a great deal of knowledge of what they are getting into, has done a lot of research, and maybe most importantly, has gained knowledge from other experienced business owners, than much of that fear can be overcome.  


                        Fear of failure is normally there, if ever so slightly.   Some of the fear comes from their wondering, if I fail, what comes next?   At some point, a leap of faith has to be taken though, no matter how well prepared the person is.


                        Many things do not go as planned.   Unforseen problems arise that are not in one's control.  One has to have a certain confidence level and good business instincts.   


                        Overcome any fear with a solid plan, a backup plan, confidence in oneself, an ability to adapt and change course and perserverence.   


                        A person has to have that "I will dig to China if that's what it takes" attitude.   


                        Much Luck