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    Market statistics

    VILLA200 Adventurer

      What is a good source of market statistics in a particular industry?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          A good source of marketing is to stand out


          Most of us want to stand out based on our unique personalities, style and strengths.

          We want to come across as authentic.

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            Moderator Berta Guide

            Hi Rene,


            Marketing statistics would depend on the industry. What industry are you looking for statistics on?



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              koln123 Tracker

              I suggest if you are calling Managers in Sporting goods industries and ask them questions, let them know right away that you are not going to be their competition, especially in their local area.    Many of these folks are nice but they don't want to foster their own demise.    If you say you are writing a business plan, they may entertain the notion that you are part of a consulting firm for a large national chain, as that costs money to do.  Nuff said, just let them know you are friendly. 


              A great source of statistics, having worked at a University Library in the past, contact (what used to be known as) a Reference Librarian either at a University Library or local library.  Maybe the names have changed but it is the department where the students go first to do research.     We used to answer any questions and did not ask if the requester was a student or not.    This is definately not just for students.  They have very detailed and sophisticated information and stats.


              There were many databases of block statistics, Marketing abstracts, many, many sources of information you would be impressed with that can give you lots of info.    Not only that, experienced Librarians are usually a wiz about where to go to get statistics and do research on any subject.   And, best of all, it is free.


              Good Luck