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    How's the Weather?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      As business owners and managers we expect our employees to project positiveness.  This is not too difficult to do most of the time.


      But what do we project to our employees?  If we could be invisible in the breakroom and listen to our employees we might discover that we are not modeling the behavior we expect from our employees.  How's the weather at your business on the owner-employee level?  How can we improve what we already have?  And if our modeling needs some improvement, how can we go about doing that?  Are we up to the task?  Our employees and customers are worth it, aren't they?



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Most of us want to stand out based on our unique personalities, style and strengths.


          We want to come across as authentic.


          How can you go deep and understand why you're unique, without undergoing a Freudian type of analysis.


          Be committed and choose some nuggets to build a marketing foundation

          - a Unique Selling Proposition and more.