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    Business DNA

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Anyone who watches television talk shows will eventually come upon some who are talking about businesses and all the issues that deal with either: considering starting up, actually starting up, keeping the business going, or when to make the decision to end it all -- quite a bit of good information is passed on in these sessions.  Something discussed recently grabbed my attention and I wanted to pass it on.  Perhaps it will strike a chord with you and after some pondering, you might be interested in adding to this thread.  Got your attention?  Good!


      The question: what is the DNA of your business?  Have you ever thought of this?  If you stood back and looked at your business, could you put your finger on that one defining point that is YOUR business?  What makes your business stand out from all the others?  Can you put this in words?  Could you call that your business DNA?  Think about it - then share with us.


      Business DNA, hmmmmm?