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    Ipad3 vs Androids

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      I had gone through the site. I've done my research and played with a few of the new Android tablets and at this point have decided that an Android tablet is a better choice than the iPad. The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show last month was dominated by a slew of tablets, the new must-have device, Tablet computers have been around for sometime, but they were never as sleek, pretty, functional, and in-demand as they are now. Some of the important reasons to choose Android tablets their Choice of Size, True Multitasking, Cameras, No syncing required and batteries need not to be replaced. I didn't have total knowledge about the Android Tablet to go with their Droid x. Please produce some attachment links for the detailed view of the topic.




      [url=]zygor guides[/url]

      [url=]zygors guide[/url]

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Would anyone else like to join this discussion and share why they like/chose the Ipad3 or any of the Androids and why?  We can all learn from you.  One of the joys of sharing like is, is that we all learn from others who have walked the path and can look back and evaluate from their experience.