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    Instagram for Android

    Moderator Jim Ranger

      The popular iOS based photo sharing community is now available for Android phones (the Android tablet version is in the works). Now that Instagram is expanding, is there a use for it in your business?



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          jessica_david Scout

          Hi Jim

          instagram could be used in promoting business, as social media sites play a vital role in promotion of  business so one can take picture of his/her product and upload it. Other people could also be used for this purpose, for example if someone is running a fast food restaurant or pizza place owner can offer a deal that the person who takes & uploads the best picture of their product, his/her name along with the picture will be 'picture of the day'. This will help in marketting as well.

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            SmallBizWiz Adventurer

            There's definitely a use for instagram in many types of small business!  Jessica said everything on my mind; I've seen businesses do just that. The aesthetic of instragram photos is really appealing and if I see a picture of a delicious sandwich, I would totally be inclined to ask where it came from!


            p.s. That 'picture of the day' idea sounds great!