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    Accounting Firm For Sell

    Bubujima Newbie
      My husband has an Accounting Firm and would like to sell it after tax session is over this year. Any advice on how to go about sell it..? By the way he's going to be 58 in March and wants to retire.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Accounting Firm For Sale. Welcome to this web site.
          Tell us more. Where are you located like City and State.
          Years ago, when I was an Accountant , I both bought and sold Accounting practices.
          Would be happy to talk to you.
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              Bubujima Newbie
              We live in Dallas Ft Worth area. He has the business since 1986. His website is Need more information let me know.
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                  FCPainter Adventurer
                  I had a buddy sell through I am sure there are lots of other options, including business brokers. If it was me, I'd probably find a young person who just got their MBA in Accounting and sell it to them so that they pay back over time. You'd get a nice annuity, avoid broker costs and it would not be too hard to go to the top accounting programs and let the graduating students know it is for sale
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                      Uncle Leon Tracker
                      I agree with painter concerning the idea of selling to a young accountant, provided that you receive a substantial amount (25% or more) down.

                      One of the most important factors in selling a business is confidentiallity. If clients hear that the business is for sale...bye-bye clients. NO ONE should know that the business is for sale, or anything else about it until they have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Placing an ad in the newspaper that XXX business is for sale, immediately informs the customers of that business nad the business' competition of the sale. Most of the time, that very action (advertising that XXX biz is for sale) devalues the business.

                      Normally, the use of a business broker is the wisest move. Yes, there is a commission involved. But for this commission the biz broker guides the seller (or buyer) through the maze of all the considerations of selling (or buying). He can provide an accurate evaluation of the business in that community. He can protect confidentiality. He can find potential buyers, pre-qualify them, (eliminate unqualifed looky-Loos). He knows exactly what information should be provided initially, and what additional information should be provided as the potential purchase proceeds. He can act as an intermediary. He can minimize conflicts between buyer and seller. He can advise concerning non-compete agreements. He can arrange for escrow and contractural services through an attorney experienced in business purchase transactions.

                      Many times avoiding the use of a broker results in problems for the buyer, the seller, or both.

                      Of course, this is only my opinion.
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                  Bridge Navigator

                  I am biased but I think the only way to sell a business is to use a professional business broker (I am one) rather than try to sell you self - would you perform surgery on yourself?

                  I have completed over 200 transactions as both a buyer and a seller and a learn something on everyone. You get to sell your business once and getting a learning curve experience on your own business can be expensive.


                  Anyone can sell a business but it takes a professional to help you maximize value and do it right!


                  Of couse maybe you stayed at a Holiday Inn last night....

                  I would be ahppy to discuss the basics with you, my firm amy or may not be the right fot but it will be a start so that you can ask informed questions and find a qualified business broker for your situation.


                  Greg Dupuis
                  Bridge Ventures, LLC
                  Merger & Acquisitin Advisors


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                    00ZULU00 Wayfarer
                    I live in the DFW area and am interested in purchasing a firm of this sort. Are you still interested?