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    LUCKIEST Guide

      While prowling around the Internet, I see a growing interest in infographics: (visual representations of a product, plan or piece of information)


      What's going on? Why should we care? 


      Is this a subject that we should discuss??


      Will it help YOUR business??



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          AcctPracticeEx Adventurer

          Interesting question. Infographics certainly appears to be the 'in thing' amongst online marketers. I was a littler scepticle so decided to try creating one for myself.


          Surprisingly my recent experience has been positive with an infographic I did. 


          First of all, I found some 'free' web absed software to create the Infographic - I used which did the job nicely. Easy to pick up and use.


          I then thought long and hard about what I wanted with the Infographic.  I browsed some examples online to get some inspiration in terms of design and layouts.


          Next was the hard bit.  I wanted to create something of value to the users that visited the site (and to the sector that I work in).  In the end I spent the best part of 3 full days researching and collating the necessary data that I needed.


          Once I had the data, I found I was a little lost - I had so much interesting information, but a lot of it was just too detailed for me to successfully pull off a 1 page Infographic.  A number of times I found I had to scrap what I was doing and really 'dumb down my message'.  If you take a look at Infographics online, the great thing about them seems to be their simplicity.


          The final product can be found here.  I've noticed interesting results from my Analytics - the Infographic is getting average on page times of around 1 minute.  That to me means that visitors are reading it and taking it in.  This compares very favourably with longer articles that I use on the site.


          My conclusion - yes Infographics are great.  However, like all content you need to spend some time finding something unique and interesting for your target audiance.

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              Interesting summary, Daniel.  I learned quite a bit about infographics from it.  You told us that you had done quite a bit of research and information gathering before beginning your model (3 days).  I'm wondering how many of us would be willing to take that much time to prepare?


              I'd also be interested if you would use this for small groups or presentations for individuals?  Would it be too much time to spend for such a small audience?  And if you were only to use this for larger presentations, would you still be as keen on it?


              I like what I have read about infographics but would love to hear from others who use this.  Is it so new that I am not hearing more about it?


              Full of questions, I know.  I'm just trying to wrap my mind around the uses (probably many) for this.  I invite others who have used or are considering using infographics to comment on how and when they would use it.  And how and when they would choose not to.



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              AcctPracticeEx Adventurer



              I think the time spent was well worth it.  Yes it took 3 days to compile the core data that I used.  But in doing this research I also got a broader understanding of the market I operate within.  My experience is that if you create something new and interesting for your target audiance you will in the long run offer a decent return in terms of longevity.


              I think you could certainly use a complete Infographic or certainly elements of Infographics in presentations.  It certainly makes a nice change from 'death by powerpoint'!

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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  Thank you, Daniel - you have opened my eyes to a new concept.  I hope others, like me, will explore infographics more.  Has anyone else used this in their business?  And how pleased were you with the outcome?


                  Additional golden words from Daniel: " all content, you need to spend some time finding something unique and interesting for your target audience."  Are we so often so intent on sharing our valuable information (and yes, our information IS valuable) that we do not remember to connect with those who are listening?


                  Anybody else want to let us know if they have used or are considering using infographics?