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    The Perfect Business Tablet

    Moderator Jim Ranger

      Tablets are all the rage these days. From the iPad to the Transformer Prime to Microsoft Devoting Windows 8 to be totally touch friendly, they seem to be the wave of the future. What is keeping you from buying one for your business? What would you need to see a tablet can do in order to use it in your business?


      I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Please explain. What is Business Tablet ??


          This is the first time I have heard the term Business Tablet" and "Instapaper"


          AND so far have not use it in a business environment.



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            Craig Parker Tracker

            Short answer:

            Something fairly inexpensive, stable, and open source.  At this point, the closest thing readily available is an Android tablet.



            Long Winded, Ranty Sort of Answer:


            If Windows 8 is as screwy as the last two versions, I'd avoid it.  In fact, I would not touch an MS tablet with a ten foot fiberglass rod.  After fixing two post XP boxes (a Vista and a 7) this week, I can only IMAGINE how badly they've screwed up their new OS.  I think trusting Windows with anything more than a grocery list these days is asking for trouble.


            iPads seem very expensive to me, especially if you're arming any kind of sizable employee force with them. In fact, I'm now on my local school board, and each member gets an iPad to use.  I'm a little curious, but haven't said anything yet, as to how much they cost the school district, and whether or not an iPad is necessary.  Would any tablet will do?  I'll know better in a couple of weeks.


            Is RIM even still a player?  I'm not sure what to make of them at this point.  I've yet to lay my hands on one of their tablets, but was never very fond of the phones I played with.  My wife has had two that her employer provided.


            I am keeping my eye on what happens to HP's WebOS system that they've open-sourced, and I'm also anxiously awaiting the Ubuntu tablet. 


            With the upcoming merge of Android source code back into the regular Linux kernel, I think Android is going to be a more stable platform.  More eyeballs on the source code is always a good thing, and I'm sure both Android and Linux in general will benefit from the merging. For now, it's what I'd choose.

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                LUCKIEST Guide

                Thanks you so much Craig for both your short answer and the longer one.

                I have so much to learn.

                I will talk to my children and grandchildren and see if they are up on this subject.

                Sometimes it is nice to show my I still have all my marbles and might know as much as them.


                Again thanks, LUCKIEST

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                  Moderator Jim Ranger

                  Rim's Playbook just came out with version 2.0 of the software. On the plus side, it now has a native e-mail client (which it didn't -- they wanted you to pair it with your blackberry), on the minus, a lot of people picked them up at fire sales last winter and there's no sign of setting the world on fire. They're also adding limited Android support with this version. So you'll be able to run some android apps on the Playbook.


                  HP seems to be completely out of the game at this point. So yeah, it's a wait and see for what happens with the software from here.


                  The iPad is still the industry leader but for me, I need flash to do my job. I had an iPad 1 and while it was great, the whole point was to use it for work and I couldn't so I ended up getting rid of it. While everyone is saying that it's not a problem, it is, indeed a problem for work and business use. Not everyone upgrades so fast.



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                  Moderator Berta Guide

                  Great information Craig! Thanks for sharing.