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    Choosing a Web Designer

    Moderator Berta Guide

      How would you recommend someone new to the forum of internet business decide on a Web Designer?  These days there are many many web designers out there. What would you advise someone to look for when they are researching web designers in their area?


      Looking forward to your answers.



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          jessica_david Scout

          it depends on your need that what sort of work you need from a designer, if its just a startup and you dont want to invest many then go for local college students, but if you wants things done perfectly then its better to contact compain that provides such services, in this case you could get better results

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            Jessica, can you give me specific needs of those examples?  Excellent replies. Keep it up!  I would love to hear more.



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              attard Adventurer

              Before you search for a web designer, you should consider what you want the website to accomplish and what capabilities is should have.


              For instance,  do you want a website that will have just a couple of pages and serve as an online brochure? Will you be selling directly from the website? Or do you plan a site where you'll want to update the content frequently?  Will you need the web developer to offer suggestions on how to get the site found online?


              As you think about the  capabilities you need, list them on paper  and keep them in mind when interviewing potential web developers.


              Next, look to the groups and organization you belong to. Are there people in those groups who are web developers? If so,  talk to them and find out if they have experience building the kind of site you want. The more complex your site (ie, databases or shopping carts) the more important it will be to find someone who has a lot of experience building the features you need. If you'll want to update the site often and want to do the updates yourself, ask if they will provide that capability for you.


              Ask the people you interview how long it takes to build a site, how they handle support, and other need to know questions. 


              Then get the url of the developers' websites, and look at them. Look for a portfolio page, and look at the designs/sites listed in it. If you like the way the sites look, call the owners of the sites and ask about their experience.  If you don't like the look of the sites in the portfolio, you probably won't be happy with the look of your own site. (Some people who call themselves web designers, unfortunately have little design ability.)


              No matter who you choose, be sure you have a contract with the developer and the contract includes a clause giving you ownership of the design and work the developer creates on your behalf.  You also need to be sure that you, yourself, own and control your domain name.



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                ArtistWeb Wayfarer

                One suggestion I can make after years of hosting and design - is do not walk into web hosting blind. Learn as much as you can about it so that you're not trapped by your designer in a site that you don't know how to operate. Take some time to learn first. I'll be happy to help answer anything I can.

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                  JackieGold Scout

                  also always consider how you plan to make changes to the site in the future. if you want to learn how to easily edit the information on yoru website yourself, you should hire a web designer who uses a content managemetn system like Wordpress so you can use a user-friendly system to make changes without having to learn how to code in HTML/CSS etc.

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                    ArtistWeb Wayfarer

                    Jakie - that is a great suggestion. I've seen a lot of beginners have luck with Wordpress. It does give them a chance to get in and post things without having to worry about coding. The only issue there is getting a template you like and the functionality you expect - and then it's off the to races.

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                      diaze082 Wayfarer

                      It dependes on you that which kind of web designer you want. Here is another option freelancer on which you can get your task done. Good option for web designer.