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    Looking to start new IT Firm in India

    kowsalya.muni Wayfarer

      Dear Friends,


      i am running Software Development company in inida developing projects for local and small clients since 2009.


      Now i am looking to expand my company like Pure IT Services company.

      Please suggest me what are the pre requisites to follow ?




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          jc212gonzalez Adventurer

          Hello Vikky,


          I am a noob to this forum but worked as a CEO for a few companies as well as owned some of my own. I had a friend who tried the same from Egypt, and the best strategy I could recall he followed was that he focused on one aspect of IT, which for them was virtualization, and then they moved on to cloud computing, and eventually saas development. I would avise this.. what are your main service strenghts, have you capitalized on one main source or a few. Are you looking to be an outsource firm or a direct service? I am aware of Indias great infastructure growth & service developments, yet the best compensation opportunities would be in the US & Western Europe.


          --- I must be honest and say that I am quite interested in exchanging ideas & information, as I know of several sources for the development of a joint venture here in New york. Please advise me of your interest if possible.

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              kowsalya.muni Wayfarer

              Hi Jc,


              Thanks for your reply.


              i am working in all kind of IT services. presently working on Healthcare,Financial,logistics and Documentum domains.we are working in Consulting Services too.


              presently working on geting a client so that i can setup(Outsource) ODC in india .


              please let me know how to get these and share me your thougts.

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                  jc212gonzalez Adventurer



                  Do you have a few samples or demos that you are able to showcase.

                  - The healthcare industry is quite open, and even if the presidential changes were to not take place, a large demand for billing, coding & document management is gearing  towards a growing trend.

                  - Financial services is a small but very lucrative market [small because there are 4-5 main providers, that control the market demand] yet I know of a few corporation that currently outsource and know that with a few proper prospects clients can be attained. That will involve crm software & back end development, since those are the most open & able to convert.

                  - Logistics is also a good market to explore, specially for any software that can be linked to GPS or tracking system, since time & location is key in this industry and any port location would be a hub for business.

                  - Documentum I must say is not my forte' and would like your take on that and perhaps I can advise on a field or knowledge application.


                  Outsource development centers are the rave & trend overseas, yet the American markets have still not fully embrace them, due to job downsizings & difficulty in communication.. an actual satellite corporation would need to be setup in order to properly introduce and deal with customer relations without the telecommuting aspect.


                  - I would advise we continue this conversation through private email since the nature of this subject is often copied and deluted. Thank you again for the reply and information.