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    Please help me with my new community-website

    ryanmanfroni Newbie
      I would like to have some suggestions on where I should advertise my website. I started it on Jan 20th, 2008, and it already got indexed on Google on Jan 28th. I really don't want to spend a fortune to advertise at the beginning because my idea is that "the turle may go slower, but arrives where it planned to go and in better shape." Therefore, I would not want to spend more than 500 dollars every month for the first 5 months, in order to see where it goes. So, where should I invest these money wisely? My site is OUTRENTHOME.COM (It was firstly designed to attract gay property owners looking for gay roommates or tenants, but i think it still is a quite good free platform for any other person having or looking for a rental property. I spent almost 3 years on projecting something that would be as easy as a 3-year-old toy, so that everyone can use it without having to know everything about the web. I also paid my programmer a huge amount of money to achieve this. As you can see there are already some users, but I am looking for tons of them to join the site...


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          rpbart6196 Newbie
          Who are your target customers?

          1. Landlords/Property Manager and
          2. people looking for a place to live.

          Where do landlords "hang-out" online? I would do a search for something like "Property management" on Google and then advertise on one of those sites and or contact the property management companies listed on the site.

          Where do people looking for a place to live "hang-out" online?
            • I would say relocation websites mostly. I would find those and advertise their
            • You also might try craigslist. I spoke with one property manager in my town and he gets most of the referral to his site from craigslist.

          Is your rental site somehow integrated with craigslist? Here is one way that I've seen a company integrate with Craigslist.

          Ubertor a company that builds real estate websites, spits out the HTML for realtors to put their listings into Craigslist easily. If you had a feature like that it could get landlords excited about your site. They would start using it on craigslist and other landlords would see it Craigslist and wonder, "that is a great lookng ad, where did it come from?" and it would link back to your site.

          There are a few suggestions hope that helps!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Welcome to this web site. And good luck.
            I need the evening to review the info and will get back to you tomorrow.
            Do you have a Business Plan??