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    21 Year Old Seeks Loan/Angel Investor

    chazhall1987 Newbie
      First off, hey everyone! I'm a frequenter of all types of forums and I know there's a culture here I'm not aware of and I look forward to getting to know all the regulars. I'll begin by giving some basic information. I'm 21 years old, just turned actually and I've been working on my business since the 11th grade in high school. I do not have a college degree, but have attended college for courses, and all of my experience is from hands on, meeting with real estate agents, scouting competitors, hours upon hours of research and many people who have made it themselves. I do not own my own home, but I have purchased my own car, which, of course, I am still paying on.

      I've been working on a business plan, as I've said, for a little over 4-5 years now, and it has evolved. I plan on starting a retail business and already have 85% of all my distributors prepared, 80% of my business plan done, rough drafts of store layouts, my Fedtax ID#, Business license, how supplies will arrive to my store and am familiar with south carolina real estate law and tax law. I have worked in a call center two years and have recently become employeed by Verizon Wireless.

      I have equipment lined up for the store, a logo, a mascot, color scheme and have already developed a culture that I wish to expand the business into. I have contacted retail store designers, custom countertop designers and many others. My plan is not for one business, but for a franchise.

      I am 21 years old and I want a legacy, something that I can be proud of and work on diligently into the wee hours of the morning. I have been establishing credit for around 3 years now, using credit cards and car payments.

      I am looking for someone, anyone, not only to be interested in my business idea/plan, but to be a mentor. I understand that investing and taking a risk on someone is very tough and particular, but I have put everything I have into researching and learning the retail business, how business works and even down to how to negotiate, dress, etc. I don't know if this the right outlet or format and I apologize if it isn't.

      Without showing my business plan, I would like to make a quick one liner of my business.

      Cirque Du Solei, Hasbro and Houdini meet Starbucks.

      This will be a very hands-on and personal business, utilizing all the creativity of CDS, the fun of Hasbro/toys meeting a high class retail location that is pleasant to the eyes and is intended to be, "Hey honey, where do you want to go after dinner?" answer. If you're interested, please email me at and please respond.

      I thank you all very much for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing the replies!

      Chaz Hall
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          bankpig Adventurer
          Its refreshing to read about journey to be successful. I'd like to wish you good luck and also suggest you share more about your business. Don't be afraid of copycats; doesn't sound like you have a patentable idea anyway (I don't say that to discourage you).
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              chazhall1987 Newbie
              Thanks for the reply. I'll be more than happy to give you a better explanation of the business.

              The business will host circus products, gaming products and magic tricks primarily. We will also offer a "gas station" style candy food area from cotton candy, nachos and 8 different styles of Slushees. Employees will be attired in primarily business polos and khakis, with of course dress shoes. The idea is to make the employees realize this is just a mom and pop store, this is a professional establishment here to make you want to recommend us to your friends and offer the best products available.

              I made a trip to Vegas and looked in all the magic stores and found common elements such as performing for the customer the tricks, then showing them the tricks after they buy them. I take that concept and also apply it to boardgames. I have a special section of the store that is being custom made to offer the customer a relaxed and fun environment. We provide literature and dvds for our products, as well as special areas around the store to demo the circus products we offer.

              We also will offer an extensive range of toys in which we will regularly each week, have approximately one day that customers can become ambassadors for the store, play the game and recieve discounts. There will be flat screen tv's at certain sections of the store to showcase products, which the business itself will eventually produce in the upcoming years.

              Many different products have been categorized to balance the square foot/profit ratio, using vegas hotels as a base to build on. The store will be approx 1000-1100 sq ft and will have plenty of room for customers to explore and walk around.

              I hope that elaborates a little and I can get more responses! =)
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              1987. Welcome to this web site and good luck.
              Do you know about SCORE. SCORE is FREE and helps with Business and Marketing Plans
              Really enjoyed reading your input.
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                Bridge Navigator

                I applaud the work you have put into the plan so far. Let me play devil's advocate for a miunte:

                1) square footage seems small for teh amount of inventory you will have to carry - what is the split between showroom/stock?
                2) I see high inventory carrying cost and "obsolete" inventory expenses if your tastes if different than your customers
                3) Great margins in coffee I liked the idea better before I heard you more complete description - a "fun" coffee house

                Have you thought about running a coffe house which encourage people to stay and play games and/or have your employees perform magic tricks for teh customers? Think of Barnes & Noble with author signings. You could still sell small tricks that you promote with demos - just like Starbucks sells the music they play in the store.

                Who is your target customer? (you at 11 or you now or someone else?)
                Have you conducted any market research on your customers needs/wants - will they pay ofr what you are offering? It might be your dream but is it theirs?

                Bestof Luck!