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    community based, people oriented company needs funding

    heavenly91321 Wayfarer
      I have successfully started and ran other businesses, and now have incorporated my mineral cosmetics company. I have hit a major road block, however. I need $45,000 to really launch nationwide with the image that I want to portray. I have the best products in the world, and I know my business plan and mission statement is solid, now I just need more capital. I had 20,000 which I have put in and now have the website, all of the government work done, all of the little intricacies are in place, so I am ready for stage 2. Initially I wasn't going to make the big launch that I want to make now, but after talking to business coaches, and others in the field, their advice was you HAVE to come out big, or get eaten up! I don't want to get eaten up, so I am looking for either an investor or a loan with mutually favorable terms. I am also trying to acquire an existing business that is under-utilized and could be huge, but the present owner has had the business for over 30 years, and just wants to retire. I know that with my advertising knowledge, and my energy, this business could be a million dollar business within a year, but I need $350,000 to acquire that, so if you are an investor looking to put your money on the "sure thing" I would love to talk with you. I can be reached through my website at Thank you and God Bless!