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    Four ways


      I don't suppose any business has gotten away with no unhappy customers. But how do you deal with yours? Ever had customers who were over demanding or even belligerent? Steve Strauss discusses this and way to deal with them in his newest article for the community 4 Ways to Handle a Difficult Client


      Read it over, and let's discuss it here! Air your horror stories of a difficult client and how you successfully dealt with them.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Does Your Offer Pass the "C" Test?


          Business owners often hire a copywriter when they want to create a compelling offer.

          Understandably, they want readers to feel so excited, they can't help reaching for their credit cards.


          What happens next often comes as a surprise to both copywriter and client.

          We start taking a hard look at features and benefits, with an eye to crafting a message.

          Your copywriter works with what you have.



          Will your offer pass the "C" test for "compelling?" The "C" test is pretty simple.


          (1) Does this product, service or program claim to fill a primary want?


          (2) Does your product, service or program include components that can be tied directly to filling this want?


          How can you be sure your offers will pass the "C" test?


          You can increase the odds 3 ways:


          1 - Sometimes you can test with a small or giveaway version of your offer.


          2 - For understanding how to reach a hungry market, there's no better source than this classic,


          3 - Write your sales letter *before* you invest time and money developing a product or program.