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    What is the best MLM niche to get started in.

    ibuzzmentor Wayfarer

      There are thousands of MLM's out there. What do you view to be the most lucrative niche.

      It is potions? Weight loss? Ebook? Wireless? Legal?


      Which programs have the hightest retention and the lowest attrition as that is probably

      what is needed to make a huge residual income.

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          Sarkis Wayfarer

          I find MLM's just get the people above you richer.  I was involved with Enagic and Asea neither panned out... honestly what I am doing now is much more profitable and you can see that in my profile.  Best of luck.

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            CEO Space Scout

            In my younger years, I used all my knowledge, networking and social skills and worked long and hard in MLM only to make very short term monies.


            Because of changes in the laws, every MLM company now is supposed to give every new prospect a sheet that says what the average rep. earns.  When I've looked at those for even well known long standing companies, it is only 1% or less of the people who are really making even a living, let alone a lot of money. 


            Yes, there are always a few who do very well and they keep the rest of the people "on board" and paying for their monthly products.


            Therefore, I finally swore off of all MLM's.  Years later, after opening and running a very successful and profitable "brick and mortar" business, I got enticed once more to get involved in a MLM.  Using all my same business and networking skills, once again I did ok in the short run but keeping a lot of people under you who pay monthly for something and don't make any money is difficult.  Most will drop out or do very little.


            Then to make matters worse, the company changed the pay plan (as happens often in MLM) and finally pulled the program totally and went to a regular wholesale/retail outlet model and just dropped the entire sales force of representatives.  (After we built their client base.)


            I have always made much more money and it has actually been less work, to run a regular business or even to run a business online.


            Therefore, my advice to you is to forget about MLM and concentrate on another type of business, either something else you can do from home or internet marketing online.

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              HoldFast Enviro Wayfarer

              Try Melaleuca or Juice Plus. People have success with these companies. My wife has dabbled in both but she doesn't have the cutthroat personality to progress rapidly. They do pay though. The products are amazing too!

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                PortableIncome Adventurer

                The best MLM is a task based MLM where the company pays you for performing simple tasks such as placing ads or giving away free samples to attract free customers. It will be easier to recruit people for one of those also since a lot of people hate selling. A hybrid MLM such as the one I just mentioned is much better than a "sales driven" MLM like most of them are. I work with two task based MLMs.


                Hope this helps you,