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    find a clothing manufacturer for your clothing line?

    megosky Adventurer

      nowadays, the global economic environment affects the garment business, a lot of apparel buyer would like to find a manufacturer who can make big or even very small quantity to reduce the risk of stock.

      Then how to find a good supplier to make the small quantity but good price and quality .

      Beside that , do you meet other troubles on this matter?

      let's share your problems here , get helps and solve together.

      Thank you.

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          Michal Bily Adventurer

          Hi Megosky,

          Thats quite difficult. When I was starting with production, I was combining material from various suppliers. I didnt come to manufacturer and ask him to produce my whole order. I came with the whole material, which was collected from various suppliers. So I had 5 suppliers /fabric, elastic waistband, printing, carelabels, packing/ and one supplier for sawing. Sawing company agreed to divide production into 4 stages, each one was different because I was adapting the production to Buyers demand. I had material on stock but products where produced according to buyers demand.

          About sewing company, for example I found one which was producing for famous European brand, but this brand moved their production to Asia and Sewing company lost this big client.

          They almost bankrupted so they were happy to have at least small clients such as mine company. Thats how I found good sewing company in relevant price and good quality.

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              megosky Adventurer

              Hi Michal,


              Thank you for information here.

              you said you need to  combine all material from various suppliers, these suppliers are in the same place .

              You mean you need to purchase all materials then send them to sewing factory for cut and sew.

              why sewing factory doesn't provide all material by themself , then may you can save some extra cost during proceeding these material?

              That's because your order quantity can't meet the minium , so sewing factory just do sewing part?

              waiting for your feedback.


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                  Michal Bily Adventurer

                  Hi Megosky,


                  once you are going to Asia with production, usually all these factories want from you to produce quite high quantity.

                  At least 2000-5000 pieces/design what is for starting brand quite difficult to sell.


                  I had the same issue. I was looking for factory which would produce for me approximately 500 pieces/design. But only small factories can accept this quantity and you can not be sure, whether you are dealing with relevant company/factory, which will produce high quality products for you. You can easily get in touch with scamers and fraudulent companies.

                  Thatswhy I decided to manage the whole production on my own. Of course it has some advantages and disadvantages.



                  Quality control - you can check each supplier and material which is producing for you. You are dealing with samples at the beginning of production, and even during the production you can come and check whether your material match required quality. At the shipping time as well.

                  Cost control - you can deal with various suppliers for one type of material. Ask for price quotation and decide according to quality/price.

                  Minimum stock - but on the other side you have quite high material stock. But! With material stock you can be more flexible with production, that means, you can use various material, I mean combine it to new, different finall products.




                  lot of activities doing on your own and thats quite time consuming and difficult to manage. But its time consuming when you are doin this first time. Second, third collection will be faster and more efficient.


                  At this time I am quite satisfied with this kind of production. maybe I will change it later, once I will be pretty sure that the factory will provide me with high quality products.

                  All I want to tell you is that once you are startin a new brand, clothing line, please do not produce 50000 pieces of clothes. Try to think, combine, manage production and produce small quantity /maybe with a bit higher cost/. Once you will have wide distribution channel, many retailers and wholesalers which will guarantee you that they will sell thousands of pieces monthly, go to big factory and produce these 50000 pieces. Its not so easy to build good distribution and to obtain huge sales.


                  All I have written here are just my ideas, thoughts and experiences, please if someone doesn’t agree, feel free to share your opinion, I will be very happy and thankful to learn something new.


                  Michal Bily

                  Aqalogy Underwear

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                      megosky Adventurer

                      Hi Michal,


                      I agree with the situation your are talking about.

                      but as a garment supplier, I think they should take the responsibility to do what you did, not only sewing, but also fabric and colour inspection.

                      I know what are you worried about , you are not get a real good manufacturer now to serve you on this point.



                      Thank you for sharing your experience here. Hope you are more and more successfull on your Underwear Clothing Line.

                      we are garment manufacturer and exporter in Guang Zhou ,China. (not garment OEM, but also factory and accessories sourcing and export)

                      pls feel free to let me know if something I can help you someday.