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    Can I recoup some of my start up costs?

    mm22005 Newbie

      I am curious I have a accountant meeting me next week at my home. I started this business in January of 2011 and I spent about 14,896.00 on costs associated to get this thing going. Most of the start up costs were printing, office supplies, graphics artists comapnies, a web design company, some high end software for the business and signs. I did not make any money off this business yet. So for the calender year of 2011 I do have documented all receipts and going out there 5 hours per day, 5 days per week marketing and selling what my business has to offer. This year of course I will actually have about 200 sales :). Anyways the point is if my company made no money but I have all receipts can I get any money back for costs to start this business up for the 2011 year? I also have/had a regular job full time 40 hrs per week I worked as well. The accountant I talked with will be doing those taxes for me as well. I made 39,000.00 in the year with my regular job. If you need any other information from me that is fine ask away. I am just asking because 2 accountants I talked with said no because I made no money for the year. The accountant I am meeting said he thinks I can but is not sure yet.