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    looking to start a business..

    Price Wayfarer

      hello Im looking for some advice, I am currently trying to start a mobile detailing business. I have been detailing vehicles for a long time and want to try to do it on my own, the goal is to eventually branch out to boats as well as some pressure washing but for now starting with vehicles. my problem here is I have alot of knowledge in these fields as wells as some management expierence at a shop and other small businesses, but i do not honestly know anything about the legal aspects of the business or what i need to do to make sure i dont find myself in any kind of sticky situations due to not being prepared... I have all the materials i need to start altho i have not persued any jobs because i do not have a business liscense , tax id number, insurance, etc etc... i honestly do not know where i need to start here or what i need. any advice is greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.

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          My advice first, choose what type of business structure you would like to operate under, I think the best structure for your service sector/ the services that you will provide will be an LLC. Once you decide your business structure fill out your Articles of Organization and mail them to your local Department of Assessements and Taxation. Also, go to and apply for an EIN. Next, check out your state's Department of Labor and Licensing website to see what license(s) you may need to operate your detailing business. You will need insurance regardless of if you are mobile or not. Do a google, bing or yahoo local search for firms in your area that offer car detailing (business) insurance. Insurance costs however, in the event that you run into trouble it's good to have it in place. It is also a tax deductible expense for your business.

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              Price Wayfarer

              Thank you very much for the reply, looks like i have a little research to do! I have been working on getting this whole thing going out of pocket so far debt free i just want to make sure i do everything right unfortunately I feel like ive hit a wall in this whole process although i know many business owners its a bit difficult to get any advice from them. I also think the fear of failure or screwing up is also holding me back just a little as well. I know im going with an LLC, as far as everything after that i will start researching right now. thank you again i am more than open to any other tips/advice you or anyone else has to offer!

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              I also suggest you check out to help you set up your basic business structure.  They have a comprehensive checklist (that is totally free!) which has a list of all the steps required to 'do it right' from the beginning.


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