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    Does anyone recommend a do-it-yourself tax s/w?

    FCPainter Adventurer
      i always pay my accountant do my taxes for my 5 employee company. Do any of you do-it-yourself with tax software. Not looking for spam on software or some accountant to pitch me business. What I'd like to know is if anyone does their own taxes with business versions of tax software and if they'd recommend doing it?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Painter, Yes there are several Good do-it-yourself tax software programs out there.
          There is Turbo tax, Intuit, H & R Block and IRS Easy File and others.
          They are all good and get the job done.
          How long have you been in business?? In business, One, Everybody in business
          should have an Accountant, a Lawyer and maybe an Insurance agent.
          Two, Peace of mind knowing the taxes were done right and Your Time. The use of your
          time to do the taxes, as compared to a professional doing the taxes.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              SJCarpentry Wayfarer

              thanks for getting back to me. Sounds like you are not a fan of doing it yourself. Is it because the you have found that there are too many errors with the software or you just prefer to invest the tiem you would have spent on software toward managing other areas of yoru business? I am very open to the perspective that the peace of mind is worth it (who wants an audit or an audit that goes poorly), just was hoping to get a little more clairty as that has always been my theory, but I have a few friends who rave about these types of software for their personal taxes and wonder if I am missing the boat. Some suggest that the accountants may be using this software anyway withour my realizing it.

              BTW, we've been in business 10 years and have always used an accountant. It's just that my business peaks in the summer, so I have some time now and worry that htis year may be slower than last so i am trying to identify intellingent money-saving ideas.