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    Online Boutique

    Fashion expert Newbie

      Does anybody have any advice on how to start an online clothing boutique? I'm currently, working on gathering information on how to begin. I am thinking wearable trends, mix of dresses, tops, jeans, handbags, jewelry, ages 25-35, want to keep it semi small. Would like to know how to get inventory? How to locate vendors? Funding? Business plans? Basically any and all information for me to move foward! Thank you!

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          CarrieL Newbie

          Hey! I'm looking to start an online boutique as well but more on the sexier clubwear type of clothing. Ever think about a partner? I really don't know where to start either but maybe we could figure it out together.

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            One of the most important things to do when starting a new company is writing out a business plan.   Have you done that yet?   The process of writing one should help you find some of the answers you are looking for.  If you have yet to write one and need help you can always check out the business plan section of the SBA website here.


            Good luck!



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              andy Adventurer

              have you started yet. I can help with getting inventory.

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                joliemartin Scout

                I have found that mostly businessman is doing investment without thinking their profit or loss. According to the latest update online business is very much popular all over the world. Online boutique is also a very good idea but a little bit risky because market condition is decreasing day by day. So your first need is market awareness and knowledge. It is very important at this time.



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                  Moderator Berta Guide

                  Hi LizzStyle,


                  How are things going? Have you been able to find the information you needed to get your online boutique started?  Please keep us updated.



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                    koln123 Tracker

                    If this is still in process, I would suggest getting direct info through a referral for some of these questions.  If you can find a good national forum in this field, you may be able to get some of this type of info quickly.    If not, you may be able to put together enough info form the forum to figure out where to go to get it.    Maybe contact SCORE or one of the Small business development centers and see if they would be willing to look up someone they have helped in the past with a similar type business that would be willing to provide info on inventory and vendors. They might contact that Co, then that Co could be willing to direct you.   Ideally through your friends network track down someone in that field that won't think you will be their new competition.  Funding might be the SBA to start, though certainly for the business plan.  Good Luck SBLD

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                      Azunga Adventurer

                      My advice is to start small then go from there.  Get a web site that ranks well (very difficult unless you are going local only) and start from there.   Like others have said a business plan is crucial so you know where to go and your goals.


                      - Azunga

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                        Infoway LLC Adventurer


                        First  decide what to sell in your boutique:


                        • Womens clothing boutique
                        • Menswear boutique
                        • Childrens clothing boutique


                        Then choose a name for your boutique.



                        Start-up costs, including sample start-up budgets for low-end and high-end boutiques.


                        Decide where to get start-up financing for your boutique.



                        There are various options for your boutique like:


                        • Buying an established boutique
                        • Opening a new boutique
                        • Boutique franchising


                        Determine your prices


                        • Determining mark-up and margins
                        • Strategic pricing techniques
                        • Safely discounting merchandise


                        And the most important thing is build or get a website which can generate an online presence for your boutique business so that the visitors can get your business very easily on web and turn into your valid customers.