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    How to earn the first-time trust?

    Witty_Frosty Adventurer

      You know, in e-commerce, people interact through a whole lot of tubes, as Sen.  Stevens would put it, this brings a huge problem, how to earn the trust of your buyer?


      Not for once, I was left alone in the dust of trust. Some of the potential clients are not professional enough to know protocols of bank to bank secure payment, some of them are too paranoid and couldn't believe the price that I offered.


      Paypal seems to be a real life-saver, but it brings problem too, as paypal is so scared of lawsuit, it pretty much reverse any transaction on sight of a complaint. Besides the ridiculously high transaction fee, I have to tremble under the thought that the guy just paid me might get some funny thoughts and withdraw the fund but keep my cargo.


      But things isn't always all that bad. I have some long time pals from Australia and The States that actually started wiring money right after a deal was settled, but quite random, though.


      So what do yall folks think? A lot ya here buy stuff, don cha? What will earn your trust, even it's a first-timer?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          First Time Trust. Here is a bit of marketing philosophy that you might already know,

          but is worth repeating. RESPECT and TRUST.


          There is a special feeling to being a customer, but it is fragile.

          There is an expectation for service, value and quality.


          In the olden days there was a desire for that basic RESPECT and TRUST that we all deserve.


          Thanks for your post, LUCKIEST